The Brides December 2017/January 2018 Issue Has Arrived-and with a Brand New Look

The Brides December 2017/January 2018 Issue Has Arrived-and with a Brand New Look

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Photo by Pascal Chevallier
Lucilla Bonaccorsi in a wedding dress by her mother, fashion designer Luisa Beccaria

Welcome to Brides's new beginning! We're majorly making-over our mag and can't wait for you to see. The Brides December 2017/January 2018 issue is hitting newsstands now with a new look to its glossy pages. Inside, you'll find gorgeous gowns you won't be able to wait to try on, the ultimate guide to finding a ring you'll love for the rest of your life, and the perfect hairstyle to complement every type of wedding dress. Need more? How about beach honeymoon hotels (without the kids and spring breakers) and modern resorts (for the ultimate Instagrams)? Yep, got 'em. Plus, this new issue is full of real weddings-starring brides just like you. To welcome you to this new-and-approved Brides (we hope you love it!), here's a letter from our executive director, Lisa Harman Gooder.

One of the moments I remember most from my wedding wasn't one of the best planned, but it was the part that made my husband, G., and me laugh the hardest. Immediately after our ceremony, he and I hopped into an antique convertible and drove from the church to our reception in my parents' backyard. When we arrived at the house, minutes ahead of all our guests, I found that our romantic ride had turned my perfectly coiffed hair into a wild rat's nest!

Lisa and her husband, G., on their wedding day.

A wedding, like falling in love, is ultimately about spontaneous moments. As you read through this issue, you'll notice we have a new look (and this is just the beginning). We've expanded our real-weddings coverage to bring you more of the authentic moments that make a wedding and to show you how you can borrow some of those details for yourself.

Photo by Brian Callaway/Callaway Gable

Photo by Paul Vincent Photography

Over the coming months, we'll bring you celebrations of different styles, locations, and budgets-all with real people, not models, walking back down the aisle together or smiling as they dance their first dance. Because nothing can replicate the joy of a true-life couple at their actual wedding.

Photo by Jenny Fu

Photo by Jenny Fu

I wish I could tell you that everything will go exactly as planned on your wedding day-but I can't! I can tell you that we're here to help you naivagate every step of the process with confidence and style. As you embark on many months of planning, be sure to remember what it's really all about: being with the person you love. No matter how many years go by, when I look at my wedding photos, one of my favorite shots is the one taken as G. and I got out of that convertible. The only thing bigger than my crazy, windblown hair is the smile on my face.

-Lisa Harman Gooder, Executive Director

The aforementioned convertible!


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