5 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Florist

5 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Florist

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Once you've found a florist whose work you love (and have emerged from the rabbit hole of their portfolio!), it's time to meet in person. Interviewing a florist is about more than just finding someone who does great work: You'll want to learn about their working style, what's included in the contract, and what their day-of process is like, not to mention find out whether the two of you click! There are a few things you can't forget to discuss during that first meeting, so we asked Liz Griffith, owner of Siloh Floral Artistry, to fill us in on that first meeting.

"I believe the most important thing to figure out when you first meet with a florist is their style, vision, and inspiration," says Griffith. "It is so important that a floral designer be able to capture a couple's style and bring it to life, so hire a designer whose style you love, who you trust, and who makes you feel comfortable. Flowers and dГ©cor can completely change the feel of the wedding day, so finding a florist who pays attention to details and really cares for each client will make a world of difference." Here are the more logistical questions Griffith thinks every client should make sure to ask.

What is your process?

"Find out about their pre-wedding timeline, including what to expect as far as communications and what the process looks like from your first meeting until the day of your wedding," says Griffith. You'll want to know how many meetings to expect, whether you'll be meeting in person or reviewing creative outlines over the phone, and when your florist will need final details like the number of tables you'll have or how many bouquets you want.

How many weddings do you design per day, weekend, and year?

"Get a sense of how busy your florist is, and whether they have a wedding every weekend or take selective jobs in order to keep their schedule from getting over-filled," Griffith explains. You'll also want to know if yours will be their only wedding on your wedding day, or if they'll also be creating and delivering flowers to another client.

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How does your contract and payment schedule work?

Review what is included in the contract, from services to protective clauses, and confirm what your florist requires as a deposit. Be sure to ask about items that can be changed or tweaked as the design process continues, and clarify what can't be changed. Adds Griffith, "Ask about how they need to receive payment, and specify when they'll need your deposit and final payments."

How does set-up and tear-down work?

This might be outlined in your contract, but if it's not, be sure to ask your florist how much time they'll need for set-up on your wedding day, as well as whether there is an additional fee to have them tear down at the end of the evening.

How did you get started? Why do you love what you do?

"This will say so much about a designer and how they formulate ideas and transform them into reality on your wedding day," says Griffith. Being a florist is a creative profession, so look for a floral designer with a passion for their job - it will really show when your wedding day arrives!