How Your BFF Really Feels On Your Wedding Day (Warning: You Might Cry!)

How Your BFF Really Feels On Your Wedding Day (Warning: You Might Cry!)

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No matter how crazy you've driven your BFF with wedding-planning talk over the past year, the truth of the matter is she loves you and she legitimately can't wait to see you walk down the aisle. In fact, she'll probably get more secretly emotional about it than you will. So maybe she's not the sappiest chick on the planet or perhaps she just didn't get the chance to tell you yet, but here's what she's really thinking on one of the most special and important days of your life. Grab a tissue, brides, because now it's your turn to cry… tears of joy, of course!

Full of gratitude

"Standing in the church pew with the other bridesmaids and watching my best friend walk down the aisle still brings a lump to my throat. I couldn't help but feel so much love and gratitude toward her. She inspires me because of her bravery: She's not afraid to love fiercely and also honestly. She's remarkably humble and downright genuine. She may not realize it, but she's an inspiration for me constantly." - Sharon

Bursting with happiness

"I was over the moon for my BFF, Sarah. I remember saying to her, 'I am so happy for you that it feels like it's me getting married!' I had seen her go through some pretty heavy heartbreak, and I had seen her with people who I knew did not deserve her. Ryan was one of the good guys, though, and her marrying him is something that will always be a highlight in my life. I know he will make her happy and I will never have to worry about her and her heart again." - Paloma

Like a proud parent

"We agreed there would be no tears at my best friend's wedding because we didn't want to ruin our makeup, but when I saw her coming down the aisle, I almost lost it. She looked so beautiful. I started thinking about everything she had been through to get to that moment. I held it together, however, she has no idea how close I came to breaking that pact." - Simone

In love with love

"While my BFF Nicole's wedding was certainly perfect, the best part about it was the marriage that was the end result. Her groom, Jason, is top-notch, and I could not have even designed a more perfect guy for her! Their love is so genuine and sweet that they make an entire room fill up with light and happiness. They are the kind of couple that makes people believe in love, the kind of couple that makes people just love love!" - Ellen

Moved to tears

"Out of the four friends' weddings I've attended, I cried every time the bride walked down the aisle. I thought about our past, how we met, what we've been through and some of our best memories that led me to be a part of her day." - Brittany


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