The 10 Things That Always Make Guests Cry at Weddings

The 10 Things That Always Make Guests Cry at Weddings

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If you're like most women, you could legit attend a stranger's wedding and still find yourself bawling like a baby in the background. There's just something about seeing someone else say, "I do" that gets all of us all choked up, well, the women anyway. So whether it's your intention to make your friends and family shed a few tears or you're just curious about who else cries at the same things you do at weddings, here are 10 things that will get the waterworks going.

1. The bride walking down the aisle

Not an ugly cry moment, but more like your eyes fill with tears of joy as the music begins to play and you see your friend walking down the aisle in her stunning wedding dress for the first time looking like a gorgeous goddess.

2. Personalized vows

Seriously, they get us every single time. The more eloquent the writing, the better. And the more emotional the vows (and the people reciting them), the more you'll cry like a little baby. It's like a Nicholas Sparks' book where the love is so pure and beautiful you can't help but get all swept up and overcome with emotion.

3. Traditional vows

Let's be real, you don't have to write your own vows to leave the audience in tears! Just hearing those all-important words come out of your mouth as you look tenderly into the eyes of the love of your life is enough to do the trick. Hearts will melt everywhere.

4. When the bride cries

Cue the waterworks! There's nothing sweeter than watching your BFF break down all on account of love. And of course you'll be crying tears of happiness right alongside of her.

5. When the groom loses it

What is with men and crying that causes us girls to get so emotional? Every time a groom sheds a tear at a wedding just take a look around at the rest of the guests and you'll see girls wiping their eyes trying not to ruin their makeup everywhere. It's a given.

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6. When the parents tear up

Whether it's during the vows or a toast to the couple at dinnertime, seeing the parents get all weepy-eyed over the marriage will open up the floodgates for everyone else (okay, probably just the women once again, but still). It's just too darn sweet!

7. The first dance

Ugh, the sappy love song combined with the way the bride and groom look at each other as they sway to the music just makes you want to cry at how cute and in love they are, doesn't it?

8. The father/daughter dance

For some reason, the mother/son dance doesn't stir up nearly as much emotion in everyone as watching the bride share one last dance with her dad. And OMG, if dad cries during it, you'll be dabbing your eyes that much harder.

9. Any emotional speech from anyone

Whether it's mom, dad the maid of honor or the best man, any good speech can quickly open up the floodgates, especially if the bride or groom is emotional over it too!

10. The same day wedding video edit

Somewhat of a tradition in the south, the same day wedding video edit is exactly what it sounds like: a quick edit of your wedding by your videographer that is shown at the end of the reception, often as a surprise to guests. Watching the bride and groom get ready, seeing that first look and getting an intimate peek behind the scenes all set to the perfect song always makes guests misty-eyed.