The Best New York City Wedding Florists

The Best New York City Wedding Florists

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New York City is home to some of the most renowned floral designers in the world, so it's no wonder you're having a hard time finding the right florist for your nuptials. To help, we've narrowed down the list - here are our favorite floral artists who will help bring your wedding vision to life.

Ariel Dearie Flowers (Above)

Florist Ariel Dearie creates organic, natural-looking arrangements - every bloom and stem of greenery is carefully chosen and placed, with an emphasis on negative space. The end result is still-life worthy and effortless.

Ron Wendt Design

For upscale, elegant floral arrangements that speak to you and your groom's taste, aesthetic and relationship, enlist the expertise of Ron Wendt, a New York weddings heavy hitter who works to craft an event that truly reflects his client, making him the go-to guy for iconic brands like Chanel and HermГЁs. His firm offers full service event and design production, crafting remarkable backdrops and environments that utilize only the very best in florals and dГ©cor.

Kat Flower

With a background in event planning - she produced galas and fundraisers for Alvin Ailey and Jazz at Lincoln Center for over 10 years - Kathleen Hyppolite always loved the florals aspect of event planning and decided to go out on her own in 2008. Her bouquets incorporate seasonal and organic elements whenever possible and have a loose, airy quality (nothing overly fussy!).

Sprout Home

This beloved floral and garden shop in Brooklyn is also known for its wedding arrangements, which have a modern and understated aesthetic, with loads of texture and color.

LMD Lewis Miller Design

Born and raised in California farm country, florist and event designer Lewis Miller brings a touch of the country to the city, infusing his arrangements with wildness and texture. He's known for his dramatic, moody centerpieces (nothing prim and proper here), with an elegant, intentionally disarrayed feel.

Peartree Flowers

In addition to the tri-state area, Brooklyn florist Liza Lubell of Peartree Flowers is based in Sag Harbor part-time, which means brides planning a wedding in the Hamptons or even New England can book her for her bountiful, natural-looking bouquets and centerpieces.


Brooklyn-based florist Brittany Asch attended the Berklee College of Music but after taking a floral-design course at the New York Botanical Garden, her career path diverged straight into the world of flowers. Brides love Asch's lush, timeless style - reminiscent of English gardens and still-life oil paintings from Dutch masters.

Ariella New York

Veteran floral and event designer Ariella Chezar is renowned for her loose, garden-inspired designs - her bouquets and centerpieces have been featured in countless magazines, floral-design books, and are all over Pinterest. Many of the blooms used in her arrangements are grown at Zonneveld Farm, Chezar's flower farm in upstate New York.

Putnam & Putnam

Floral duo (and real-life husbands!) Darroch and Michael Putnam are the couple behind this Lower East Side floral design company. Their style veers towards the romantic and organic, with an emphasis on heirloom flower varieties and dusty antique palettes.


If you love the deep, color-saturated bouquets Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda carried in the Sex and the City movie, then turn to this charming West Village shop that was tapped to create them for the film. They specialize in English-country-garden style - carefully composed and compact arrangements with a tasteful, understated aesthetic.


Brides flock to florist Sarah Rhyanen for her elegantly unkempt style - think lush, in-season blooms (many of them grown at her upstate flower farm) that look straight out of a moody Dutch still-life painting, spilling and cascading out of her collection of vintage urns and vessels.

Belle Fleur

If your wedding-flowers vision is luxe yet understated, then Meredith Waga Perez is the florist for you. Preferring lush, monochromatic arrangements with a modern feel (read: no "filler" flowers necessary!), she meticulously creates arrangements that channel a more European-style opulence.

Fox Fodder Farm

Founded in 2011 by Brooklyn florist and gardener Taylor Patternson, Fox Fodder Farm creates arrangements and installations for weddings that exude an easy elegance, as if the bouquet was handpicked from a garden just minutes before being handed to the bride.


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