Glamorous Gold Wedding Cake

Glamorous Gold Wedding Cake

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I can't get enough of this stunning wedding cake by the always-fabulous Lori Hutchison of The Caketress, located in Toronto, Canada. Metallics are a huge wedding trend and shimmery gold is my absolute favorite. Here, the cake tiers were painted a lustrous gold hue (using edible paint, of course), and then accented with a cluster of gorgeous sugar peonies on the middle tier. What I love is how versatile this cake is: While the design could certainly work for a glamorous wedding in an opulent ballroom or historic estate, it would also complement a more modern celebration in a raw-space venue like a loft or art gallery.

If you have a wedding cake you'd like to submit for the blog, please email photos and a brief description to Heather Lee at [email protected]

-Heather Lee

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