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Jordan Samuel's Skincare Line Is Perfect for the Busiest of Brides

Jordan Samuel's Skincare Line Is Perfect for the Busiest of Brides

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It's not very often that we find a skincare brand that's so incredibly impressive that we insist on using every product in the line. Instead, our beauty routines usually involve superstar cleansers, serums, and moisturizers from a smattering of different brands-but that changed the moment we discovered Jordan Samuel Skin. Every single product in this four-piece collection is a superstar in and of itself, and when used together they transform your skin in the best way possible. Long story short, this line is our new go-to, and for those of you who are knee-deep in wedding planning with little time to focus on your skin, it should be yours too.

Before making a name for himself in the skincare industry, Jordan Samuel spent 11 years as a professional dancer with the Pacific Northwest Ballet. The heavy stage makeup and excessive sweating took a toll on his skin, and through trial and error he found the treatments and ingredients that worked best for him. When it came time to move on from dancing, he says getting into skincare was a no-brainer. He studied to be an esthetician and went on to open a skin clinic in Seattle before launching a product line of his own.

In building his namesake line, Samuel had one main goal: to create products that give the skin everything it needs-and nothing more. “We have a tendency to over-treat our skin,” he says, “so I wanted to encourage people to do less. It's not a minimalist approach; it's about doing just enough to bring balance to the skin.”

Courtesy of Jordan Samuel

With that philosophy he launched three straightforward, effective products, dressed in chic black-and-white packaging. Plié is a gel-to-oil cleanser that cuts through makeup, dirt and SPF while gently exfoliating the skin. The multifunctional formula also doubles as a moisturizing mask when left to marinate on the skin for a bit. (If you're going to pick up one product after reading this, Samuel says is should be Plié. “If you're not cleansing properly, none of your other products will work. It's the most important step.”)

Courtesy of Jordan Samuel

Then there's Hydrate, a lightweight hyaluronic acid-based serum that plumps dehydrated skin and Г‰toile, a nutrient-rich oil designed to flood skin with much-needed vitamins and antioxidants. Both of these beauties are widely popular within the blogger community-and for good reason. Add them to your routine and your skin will thank you for it.

Courtesy of Jordan Samuel

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More recently Samuel released a fourth product: Г‰toile with retinol. This baby provides all of the goodness you'll find in the original oil but with a light dose of retinol to help increase cell production, treat hyperpigmentation, and stimulate collagen production.

Courtesy of Jordan Samuel

If you're not already clamoring to get your hands on Samuel's products, let us put it to you this way: This line makes pre-wedding skincare prep as easy and fuss-free as possible. There's no need to spend a fortune on expensive products or to devote yourself to a 10-step regimen that takes precious time out of your already-packed schedule. Stick to these four game-changers (all of which ring in under $45) and your skin will be calm and glowing by the time your big day rolls around.


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