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Nervous About Your First Makeup Trial? Use These Looks as Inspo

Nervous About Your First Makeup Trial? Use These Looks as Inspo

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We get it-all this prep can be overwhelming. In terms of your bridal makeup, we see two scenarios: One, you're not much for makeup in general and have no clue where to start; two, you're a beauty girl at heart but you're getting too in-your-head to choose the perfect look. Either way, figuring out what kind of look to bring to your first makeup trial can be downright nerve-racking. After all, the image you choose to give yourself can sketch the entire vibe of your wedding day. Timeline-wise, aim to have your first trial about two to three months out from your date so that your makeup artist can understand the palette she is working with.

It's always best to have an overall idea of what you want to look like-but a good makeup artist will also understand that there's some room to play and have some fun, since nothing is set in stone during your first trial. Also very important information to relay to your chosen artist: YOUR DRESS AND HAIR. In the end, everything should complement each other for a cohesive look.

We worked with Lori Taylor-Davis, global pro lead artist at Smashbox, to split your choices off into three of the easiest, most requested looks for you to decide between.

"One thing I always request is for a bride to come in with a visual reference-no fewer than two photos and no more than three," says Lori. "The pictures should all be similarly focused in the same vein; you don't want too many different ideas."

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California Beach Babe: This look is all about glowing cheeks and healthy skin. Think lots of bronzer, super natural and pretty, nonstructured, and easy-going. Your makeup artist will want to keep the skin mostly natural, defined with warmer colors and lots of highlighter for a glow, and a softer, diffused eye and brows. The vibe is “I just woke up like this.”

Kim K Glamazon Bride: Could not be more different than the above. This focuses on a full-on smoky eye, covered skin, and very defined features. Everything is precise for this kind of look. The skin is polished to perfection and contoured, the brows are defined, and the eyes have plenty of smoke and full, glam lashes. You'll want to keep the lips a balance of all of these other layers, probably with a nude. The vibe is "I just left the red carpet to be here."

Katy Perry Look: Think: winged liner and a bold lip. That's it. The rest of the face is underplayed to make the lip and eye the main focus. "Your makeup artist should keep your skin a soft matte because you want everything to have a sort of crispness," says Lori. The vibe is "breathtakingly edgy."

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P.S. Remember, bringing reference photos to your trials is helpful, but definitely keep an open mind when you get there. Don't fall into the trap of setting your mind on what you envision before you get to see what different looks look like on you!