Illustrated Guide To: Wedding Chair Styles

Illustrated Guide To: Wedding Chair Styles

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When it comes time to rent chairs for your ceremony and/or reception, the myriad of options and styles from your local rental company might be a little overwhelming. Just keep in mind that the main goal is to choose a chair that best complements your wedding setting and overall aesthetic. To help you sort through the different options and decide which is the best for you, here's a photo-filled guide to some of the most popular wedding-chair styles available.

Chiavari Chair (above): The classic chiavari chair is one of the most popular styles and is available in a wide variety of colors, from mahogany, gold, and white to even bright yellow and translucent. It's a very versatile chair and works well for formal (ballrooms, banquet halls) and more casual setting (tents, gardens), alike.

Photos: Samuel Lippke Studios (left); KT Merry (right)

Ghost Chair: If you're going for a more modern, glamorous look, the acrylic ghost chair is a great choice. These translucent chairs have a regal shape and transparent form, and look super chic when grouped together en masse at a ceremony or reception.

Photo: Aaron Delesie (left); Mr. Edwards (right)

Bentwood Chair: Modeled after the classic Thonet bentwood chair, this classic cafe-style chair is sophisticated yet relaxed, all at the same time. These chairs are best suited for outdoor venues like a vineyard or garden, or in more rustic and open-space settings like a tent, barn, or brick-walled loft.

Photo: Sara Wight Photography (left); Simply Bloom Photography (right)

Folding Chair: These wooden folding chairs are usually available in white as well as a variety of wood stains (like natural and mahogany); they often come with a padded seat for extra comfort. This chair style is clean and simple, and easily complements a variety of wedding settings.

Photo: KT Merry (left); Tec Petaja (right)

Cross-Back Chair: This elegant farmhouse-style chair, with its curved lines and X-shaped back, is the perfect way to bring a classic, formal feel to a more rustic setting.

Photo: Olivia Leigh Photographie (left); Lisa Lefkowitz (right)

Versailles Chair: This stylish, French-inspired chair is a great option for a classic, formal wedding. It's usually available in gilded gold, as well as more neutral colors like black and white.

Photo: Olivia Leigh Photographie (left); Lisa Lefkowitz (right)

Bamboo Folding Chair: These eye-catching rattan bamboo chairs have a wonderful tropical vibe and are the perfect choice for a beach wedding.

Photo: Jose Viilla (left); Lauren & Abby Ross (right)

French Slotted Chair: Another versatile seating style, the French slotted chair is a little casual but still elegant, making it a great choice outdoor settings, like a garden or vineyard.


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