Should You and Your Groom Have Matching Wedding Bands?

Should You and Your Groom Have Matching Wedding Bands?

To match or not to match… that is the question. For some brides and grooms it's a no brainer, and for others it's more a matter of personal preference (if they like the same style, cool, and if they don't, that's cool too). While there are no right and wrong answers when it comes to what kind of wedding bands you and your fiancé ultimately choose, try these tips if you're on the fence.

Find out if it matters to him

Weirdly enough, some guys are way more particular about having matching rings than you might think. So before you completely rule out the possibility or jump to any conclusions, ask him if he feels strongly on the subject either way. Then, you can go from there.

Go shopping together

And by go from there, we really mean go ring shopping together. Take your engagement ring along, of course, and hit up a bunch of different jewelry stores to get a better idea of what looks good on you and your finger and the styles he's naturally drawn to as well. Perhaps you'll both love the same style, and if that's the case, great! If not though, you have to decide what's more important to you: matching or getting the bands you'd each rather have.

Snap a pic

Yes, it's true matching wedding bands photograph great on the big day so that's always a big plus. On the flip side, you'll be wearing these rings for the rest of you're life (here's hoping anyway!) so we wouldn't recommend basing your decision solely on that. In general, snapping a pic of the wedding band on your hand in the store is a good idea, as it can help you figure out whether you're head over heels for it or not.

Come up with a compromise

If one of you loves the idea of matching but the other just isn't that into it, a good compromise could be to get wedding bands in the same metal instead or an identical message engraved on the inside to tie two unique rings together.