Danielle Fishel and Hailey Baldwin Have Become the Wedding Planning BFFs of Our Dreams

Danielle Fishel and Hailey Baldwin Have Become the Wedding Planning BFFs of Our Dreams

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We thankfully have no shortage of upcoming celebrity weddings to look forward to (Ariana and Pete! Priyanka and Nick! Paris and Chris!), and, for two celebs, wedding planning has even become the ultimate friendship platform (#CelebBFFGoals).

Although 21-year-old model Hailey Baldwin and Danielle Fishel of Boy Meets World may seem like a bit of a random pair, Entertainment Tonight reports that the duo has recently sought solidarity and are swapping ideas for their respective big days. Surprisingly, the celeb pair has more connections than you think-Fishel is currently engaged to Drop the Mic producer Jensen Karp, and Baldwin happens to be a cohost of the TV series.

"I will be seeing her this Thursday, and we've already discussed it via Instagram direct messages that we've got a lot to fill each other in on," Fishel told Entertainment Tonight regarding her fast friendship with Baldwin. "So yes, later on this week I'm sure I will be talking her ear off about weddings."

Matt Winkelmeyer

Fishel, who announced her engagement in March, has already made major headway in terms of prepping for her nuptials-and seems to be enjoying the process.

"My gosh, wedding planning is so much fun," she said. "I absolutely love it. Things are going along very well. We just wrapped up our invitations and they're stunning, calligraphy and vintage stamps." The 37-year-old actress also added that she's picked out her dress, and has chosen the "unique route."

As for details pertaining to Baldwin's big day, Fishel refused to spill any details, especially when asked to address the rumor that she and fiancГ© Justin Bieber have already tied the knot in secret.

"When she tells me, my lips are going to be sealed, let me tell you!" Fishel said. Nothing instills trust quite like bonding over wedding gowns and floral arrangements!

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Although there's no word on when either Fishel or Baldwin will be walking down the aisle, we hope they're at least guaranteed an invite to the other's wedding.


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