22 Magical Harry Potter Wedding Ideas to Include In Your Big Day

22 Magical Harry Potter Wedding Ideas to Include In Your Big Day

If you're still bitter over not receiving a Hogwarts acceptance letter-delivered by owl, of course-relish the fact that you can at least celebrate your Harry Potter obsession (and nuptials!) with these Harry Potter wedding ideas.

A Harry Potter -themed wedding definitely isn't for muggles. But for fans who live and breathe the magical fantasy world, completely convinced Hogwarts isn't a figment of imagination, but an actual escape for under-the-radar wizards and witches, it can be a magical way to celebrate your big day. Luckily for such couples, we have their Gryffindor-lovin', Slytherin-hatin' selves covered with a spellbinding list of Happy Potter wedding ideas to include in their bash.

Not all of these Happy Potter wedding ideas are big and bold, mind you. Some are so subtle that only those in-the-know would clock them as Harry Potter -inspired details. Don't want to include them in your actual wedding? You can also throw a Harry Potter bachelorette party or bridal shower with the enchanting details.

So pour yourself a Butterbeer and browse 22 bloody brilliant Harry Potter wedding ideas, below!

1. Instead of sorting your presents into Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, why not enlist the Sorting Hat to assign your presents for you?

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2. Filling the space with tall, flickering. candles. can instantly take your wedding from muggle to magic

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3. Nix the rice toss for something more Dumbledore-approved: Wands! You can have your guests wave them as you exit your ceremony

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4. Hide your most precious stones in a special box, emblazoned with a sweet and simple quote

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5. Have a. Harry Potter. -themed bachelorette with these. bachelorette party t-shirts. for mischievous muggles

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6. Let guests channel their inner Sirius Black with this play on a photo booth

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7. Show off your. signature cocktail. with this on-theme sign that's perfect for a bridal shower or brunch reception

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8. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, serve this magical alternative: Harry Potter macarons!

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9: If you do opt for a classic cake, be sure to top it with this flawless finishing touch

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10: Chocolate frogs also make for a yummy sweet treat for guests to take home

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11: Announce your nuptials on the front page of the. Daily Prophet. !

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12: Invite your guests to your celebration with these invitations that boast subtle nods to. Harry Potter.

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13: Jot down your "unbreakable vows" in these vow keepsake books

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14: Celebrate your journey from muggle to Mrs. with these bachelorette party sashes

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15: Top off your wedding dress with a too-cool leather jacket. (You can also customize it your first or last name!)

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16: Even a detail as small as your wedding dress's hanger can make a wizarding world of difference


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17: This dainty comb is the perfect finishing touch to your wedding hairstyle

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18: Ten points to your bridesmaids! Thank them for all they've done with these. Harry Potter. -inspired bridesmaid gifts

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19: String this banner across the sweetheart table for a magical meal

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20: This. HP. pun is bloody brilliant!

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21: Prop your potions over these cute coasters at cocktail hour

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22: Be sure to leave an enchanted quill nearby this fun guestbook sign!

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