Can I Appoint an Honorary Maid of Honor?

Can I Appoint an Honorary Maid of Honor?

Choosing a maid of honor can be tough. It gets even tougher if the woman you chose is having a tough time fulfilling all of her duties, whether it's because she's underage and can't really help with your bachelorette rager or she just had a baby and has her hands full. So if your maid of honor has a lot on her plate, can you appoint an honorary MOH to help out? Here's what our experts think.

Being appointed maid of honor is a real, well, honor, and many brides choose to save the title for the closest gal in their life. But if you've got a close runner up, you can definitely ask her to take on some of the MOH responsibilities, as long as you're upfront (and sensitive!) about it.

If your maid of honor is under 21, there's a good chance she won't be able to take care of everything on the MOH to do list, partially because she isn't old enough to join you at bars on your bachelorette weekend, and partially because she might not have the funds (or the connections with your other bridesmaids) to make big plans. In this instance, tapping an honorary maid of honor is totally understandable. Turn to your closest friend (who probably knows your sister just as well as she knows her own!) to either tag team with your maid of honor or take on the duties herself.

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Does your maid of honor have a huge project at work, a bun in the oven, or a brand new baby at home? Divide her duties up amongst your other bridesmaids, and ask her to be involved as much or as little as she can be.

If you're anticipating needing to ask a second friend to step in and help out, you might want to have two maids of honor instead of one, to make the role official and give them both the recognition.