5 Ways Body Language Can Give You More Confidence as You Walk Down the Aisle

5 Ways Body Language Can Give You More Confidence as You Walk Down the Aisle

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You've got the dress, the shoes, the veil, and the jewelry, but the most important accessory you need on your wedding day isn't something you wear: confidence. Whether you're anxious, don't love the attention, or are having a hard time putting those everyday insecurities aside, we turned to an expert for five tips that will help your confidence really shine through as you head down the aisle-or anytime!

There are so many thoughts running through a woman's head on a daily basis, and they don't immediately disappear the morning of her wedding. "If it's one thing every bride has in common, it's wondering how it will all go," says Yana German, body language expert and the founder of School of Walk. "'Do I look good in my dress? Will my updo stay put? Will my guests like the tablescapes?' All of these questions can really do a number on a bride's confidence." And when you add all of the emotions that can really run rampant on your wedding day, it can make a bride feel quite vulnerable. But there's a way your body language can turn that all around.

Don't Look Down

“If I had to give a bride just one piece of advice, it would be to not look down while she walks down the aisle,” German says. “Looking down demonstrates your insecurities, but it can also make you feel uncomfortable. Looking straight ahead will demonstrate your strength and excitement about where you're headed, and that confidence will be visible to all of your guests, too.”

Stand Up Straight

“Having great posture will instantly give you a dose of confidence,” German continues. “Pull your shoulders back and open up your chest. It makes you taller, adds a sense of grace to your presence, and lets your confidence out from within.”

Smile With Your Eyes

“Don't be afraid to smile!” German emphasizes. “Let your smile radiate through your eyes, as well. It shows others that you have no fear.” Smiling also serves another purpose: “A big smile serves as a barrier to tears (even the happy ones!).”

Find a Positive Focus

As you start walking down the aisle, focus on something that will make you smile (we recommend your partner waiting for you at the altar!). “Once you start crying, there are few things that will stop you. Keep those emotions in check by avoiding making eye contact with any crying guests and instead focusing on someone who is reassuring and positive.” Sorry, mom, but those maternal tears will have to wait.

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Relax Your Arms

As you're greeting your guests, don't cross your arms. “Crossed arms are a sign of being cautious and uncomfortable in the situation,” German explains. “Exposing the vulnerable parts of your body, such as your chest and stomach, will show that you're confident, comfortable, and in control of the situation.


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