What to Do With Your Dog Ring Bearer After the Wedding Ceremony

What to Do With Your Dog Ring Bearer After the Wedding Ceremony

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If you've got an adorable pet, having a wedding without him or her might be impossible to imagine. After all, they're family! And there's not much cuter than a dog in a flower collar walking down the aisle. But once you've exchanged vows, you probably can't bring your pup to your wedding reception. So what should you do with your dog once the ceremony is over? Here are a few ideas from our experts.

What you decide to do with your dog after your wedding ceremony depends a lot on your venue. Getting married at a pet-friendly venue, like a ranch or farm? Consider keeping your dog around for cocktail hour. After all, the guest of honor should have time to greet guests and pose for photos! This will also give you time to take portraits with your pooch once you're not worried about getting paw prints on your wedding gown. Then, have a dog sitter take your pup back to your home or to a local pet boarding facility for the night. If you're getting married in your hometown or have a friend or family member who lives nearby, have a dog sitter take him back to the house, where he'll be more comfortable.

Having your a reception at a hotel that's happy to have four-legged guests? Bring your pooch up to your hotel room and assign a bridesmaid or groomsman to check on him once or twice throughout the night to make sure everything is alright. Consider hiring a dog walker to take your pet out for a potty break, and arrange for a wedding night treat!

You may want to have a dog walker or sitter on-hand before the ceremony ends, just in case your pet decides that they'd rather not sit through a wedding ceremony. They can either grab your dog's leash once he's made his way down the aisle, or quietly escort him away from the altar if he starts howling during your vows.


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