What's On the Docket During a Coed Wedding Shower?

What's On the Docket During a Coed Wedding Shower?

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While bridal showers used to be an opportunity for female relatives and friends to help a bride get ready for married life, these days showers have gotten a little more, er, fun. Activities like cooking classes are often added to the schedule, as are more traditional games like making wedding dresses out of toilet paper or Bride and Groom trivia. Some couples really buck tradition with a co-ed shower taking the place of the bridal shower. With the groom and his friends added to the mix, what should be on the schedule? Our experts have a few ideas.

Couples' showers are a great opportunity to put a fun and modern twist on the traditional bridal shower. Instead of an all-out girly event, pick a theme that the bride and groom will both really love, whether that means fancy cocktails at the couple's favorite bar or taco night at home. Swap champagne brunch with a wine tasting (complete with delicious pairings), and trade afternoon tea for a backyard barbecue with lawn games and beers.

When it comes to activities, choosing a theme with built-in things to do is a great place to start. You can also include crowd-friendly entertainment like The Newlywed Game, with the couple seeing who knows the other person best, or bingo while you're opening gifts. Split guests up into teams for trivia and see which of your friends knows the most about your relationship. Be sure to have a few fun prizes to keep things competitive!

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Speaking of gifts, bridal shower tradition states that these usually match the theme of the event or are focused on the home, so be sure to add extra items to your registry to match whatever theme your host picks. The host could also encourage your guests to bring something off-registry that matches, such as turning a wine tasting shower into a cellar-building opportunity and asking guests to bring their favorite bottles of wine.


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