8 Creative Ways to Use Trees in Your Wedding

8 Creative Ways to Use Trees in Your Wedding

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Forget flowers! Okay, not actually, but turns out greenery is all the rage right now and trees are definitely trending. From creating a more intimate space to hiding the not so pretty stuff (like speakers), here are eight creative ways to incorporate trees into your wedding dГ©cor.

1. Bring the outdoors inside.

Turn your indoor wedding into the ultimate garden party with some strategically placed trees! "For example, our bride really wanted a garden vibe at her St. Regis Atlanta wedding so for the tented ceremony we brought in tree-like arrangements on pedestals to frame the ceremony and create an outdoorsy forest feel," describes Sarah Chancey, Founder of Chancey Charm. Then afterward, they moved indoors for the reception and brought the garden with them! "We went above and beyond with tree-like centerpieces and grass runners, which truly transformed the ballroom into a whimsical, upscale space that brought our bride's garden vision to life."

2. Define the space.

Trees are not only a great way to make an indoor reception feel like the outdoors, but using them around your dance floor can also help define the space and create a more intimate feel, especially if you're in a large, traditional ballroom, notes Marilisa Schachinger of Martel Events.

3. Soften the technical details (AKA hide the ugly stuff).

Don't want those tent poles or supporting beams in barns showing? Luxury wedding and event planner Tara Consolati of Tara Consolati Events suggests using trees to help camouflage them! "Trees on either side of the band stage can also help soften the "technical" details of sound equipment and speakers," adds Schachinger.

4. Add show-stopping elements to your ceremony.

Want to really blow your guests away? Get creative and up the wow-factor at your ceremony with some show-stopping details. For instance, if you love fully grown Japanese Cherry Blossoms or Knock Out Rose trees, planner Lizzy Hill of Chancey Charm Memphis recommends putting one right in the middle of your ceremony seats. "As planners, we always look for height and dimension in design details and reception centerpieces, but adding show-stopping, attention-getters in the actual ceremony gives the wedding a truly unique touch."

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5. Create an escort (or place) card tree.

If you have a great entryway, you can always create a striking escort card tree that will wow your guests, notes Laura Irizarry-Garcia, owner of LIG Events. This idea, of course, works for place cards too and even favors if you want to get super creative!

6. Make the event space even more cute, cozy and charming

To instantly make a space more intimate, place trees around the perimeter of the room, advises Irizarry-Garcia. They will soften the hard lines of the walls and enclose the space in a gentle manner, creating a cozier environment, she says. "Also, who wouldn't love dining in a beautiful allГ©e of trees? Placing a long table between two rows of trees is a stunning way to create a magical and memorable space, even if you are indoors."

7. Turn them into centerpieces

Trees as centerpieces… sounds crazy, right? Wrong! "At a recent wedding taking place at The Peninsula Chicago, we placed trees on top of tables and illuminated the tables," tells planner Bianca Hall of Estera Events. "This is a great way to bring the ceiling down a little bit and make everything feel warm and friendly. It's also a unique take on the traditional centerpiece." Perfect for the earthy bride!

8. Use a tree (or trees) as your ceremony backdrop and a photo opp

No need to spend a ton of dough on ceremony flowers if your venue is full of natural beauty already! For example, in one wedding Hall planned, the ceremony backed up to a line of trees to create a beautiful sightline for guests, which only added to the natural design of the wedding. As a planner that focuses mainly on the outdoor, vintage and shabby chic style of weddings, Danielle Rothweiler of Rothweiler Event Design, says she's used trees in various ways. "Some venues have gorgeous trees right on site and they are the perfect backdrop for a ceremony which means you don't need to bring in an arch or anything else, but instead can use the tree and decorate it. I've also used trees to line entrances and frame an aisle to a ceremony."

Remember, scale is everything when it comes to trees!

An 8-foot tree sounds like it's tall, but it will look very small in a ballroom, warns Irizarry-Garcia. "The bigger, the better. However, make sure the trees will be able to make their way in and out of the space! And don't forget lighting. Lighting trees properly will only enhance their appearance and make them more impressive."