5 Ways To Save Money On Flowers

5 Ways To Save Money On Flowers

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Some of the prettiest and most popular decor details happen to also be the most expensive. Unfortunately, our favorite blooming beauties fall under that list. Your floral budget will likely make up a big part of your wedding day expenses, and it can be hard to know where to cut corners. Brides turned to Victoria Ahn of Designs by Ahn in New York City for the answers.

Be strategic about the placement

Think about where you really need arrangements. Focus your budget on the reception flowers, then the ceremony, then the cocktail hour- that's when people are more concerned with their drinks or food, and you can just do simple votives.

Be flexible

Try not to have your heart set on a specific flower: So many brides ask for peonies or cherry blossoms, and those can be expensive if your wedding isn't in spring, when they're in season. As an alternative to peonies, I recommend garden roses because the shape and palette are similar.

Quality over quantity

To re-create cherry blossoms, we have to attach flowers to branches, and that's labor-intensive and pricier. For table arrangements, I love using hydrangeas because you get a lot of great volume with each stem. You also don't need to get a full bouquet for every bridesmaid-lately I've been doing corsages and hair flowers with small, delicate spray roses instead.

Consider rentals

If you want to fill out the space in a big room, you can rent plants or trees or go for branches of fall foliage.

Go for greenery

And if you're going to have long tables and want garlands, bear in mind that they may cost more than centerpieces-but you can just lay cut greens on the table for a similar effect.

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