This Couple Got Married During a Southwest Airlines Flight

This Couple Got Married During a Southwest Airlines Flight

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Today's in-flight entertainment is pretty comprehensive-you can choose from the latest movies, TV shows, and for some, a live wedding. Skylee Campbell was one of the lucky passengers on a recent Southwest Airlines flight to witness a couple get married while in the air.

“Can't think of a better way to spend a late-night, 5 hour flight other than watching a wedding happen on the plane! #southwestairlines,” she wrote on Facebook sharing a video of the in-flight ceremony.

According to Yahoo!Lifestyle, Michael and Renee (whose last names are unknown) got up and processed to opposite ends of the plane 45 minutes before the flight from Las Vegas to Baltimore landed. Renee walked down the airplane aisle to Ed Sheeran's “Perfect,” as the passengers looked on as witnesses.

“It was adorable,” Campbell told Yahoo!Lifestyle. “They had us all turn on our call lights to light up the aisle and play music.”

The pilot officiated through the intercom with special words about the couple as well has some quips about online dating (the couple met on and airline travel.

“They met each other four years ago and this weekend decided to make it at least another four years,” the pilot said. “They met on a date-and yes, ladies and gentleman, it really does work. They were in beautiful Baltimore when they met and it's happily ever after from there."

In Campbell's video, the pilot asked Michael to repeat the vows: “I, Michael, take you, Renee, to be my wife, my partner in life, and my travel companion when I become a Rapid Reward Member today, tomorrow and forever,” referencing the airline's rewards program. Eternal love and frequent flyer miles? Sign us up!

Apart from the non-traditional venue, the wedding was pretty standard-the bride wore a white wedding dress, a white veil and carried a single yellow rose bouquet. The groom wore a tux and danced with his new bride back to their seats to Chris Brown's “Forever.” Afterward, there was a makeshift “cake” constructed of straws, toilet paper, and napkins with marriage advice from other passengers.

If you too are interested in getting married while cruising at 10,000 feet, you might be in luck. “Our crew jumped at an opportunity to wow two customers with an in-flight wedding surprise,” a representative from Southwest Airlines told Yahoo!Lifestyle.

According to ABC News, the airline hosted couple Taylor and Mikaela Flowers in August on their way from Texas to Riviera Maya, Mexico, for their honeymoon when a flight attendant re-created their nuptials while on board. In 2014, Southwest helped Indiana couple Dottie Coven and Keith Stewart with their in-flight wedding from Nashville to Dallas, along with 30 of their loved ones.