All of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Romantic Morocco Moments

All of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Romantic Morocco Moments

Maybe there's something in the Moroccan air, maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but something definitely had Meghan Markle and Prince Harry feeling extra romantic on their Morocco trip. On Monday, the couple wrapped up their last official international visit before their baby arrives, and it was full of romantic gestures .

For their last engagement of the trip, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex met with the King of Morocco Mohammed VI, according to the Kensington Palace Twitter. For the meeting, the mom-to-be wore a blue, patterned Carolina Herrera dress, accessorizing it with pretty meaningful jewelry. As one Twitter account pointed out, Meghan appears to be wearing the Galanterie de Cartier diamond earrings she wore to her royal wedding in May. How sweet!

It seems like these special occasion earrings-they were meeting fellow royals after all-are one of Meghan's favorite ways to remember her big day. She also sported them for Queen Elizabeth II's holiday luncheon.

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While a throw back to the royal wedding is a hard romantic gesture to top, there's nothing these two can't do.

Before their meeting with the King, Harry came to his wife's rescue in the sweetest way while touring a craft market in the country's capital of Rabat. When a craftsman placed a necklace over Meghan's head, the chivalrous Harry lifted her ponytail to free her hair from the new accessory. Is Harry her husband or a member of her glam squad? We can't really tell, but either way it's adorable.

The Duke and Duchess shared another sweet moment when visiting Education for All, a boarding house in Asni for girls in rural communities. When one of the school teachers congratulated the couple on their pregnancy, Harry joked, "Wait, you're pregnant?" as he turned to his glowing wife. The moment, captured by BBC, shows the 7-month pregnant duchess replying, "Surprise!"

Harry kept the joke going, asking, "Is it mine?" and Meghan could hardly contain her laughter.

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Last but certainly not least, while at the school the Duke and Duchess shared yet another intimate moment: Meghan gently rested her head on Harry's shoulder while the Duke cracked a smile.

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If that isn't capital R romance, we don't know what is.