Aidy Bryant and Conner O'Malley Are Married

Aidy Bryant and Conner O'Malley Are Married

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Congratulations are in order for Lil' Baby Aidy, who appears to have tied the knot with longtime boyfriend Conner O'Malley over the weekend! On Monday morning, Saturday Night Live star Aidy Bryant shared a photo to Instagram from her intimate nuptials, captioned only with a simple pink heart emoji.

The happy pic shows Bryant and O'Malley, both beaming, walking back down the aisle together. Based on Bryant's photo tags, her tea-length, three-quarter-sleeve lace dress was designed by Sam Bennett, whose designs have appeared on SNL; her hair and makeup were done by Joseph Maine and Cassandra Garcia, respectively; her gorgeous pink and ivory bouquet came from Brooklyn-based florist Saipua; and her strappy satin purple sandals are Prada originals. According to wedding planner Jove Meyer's repost of Bryant's pic, the ceremony took place at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, in front of an exposed brick wall decorated with a huge pink and ivory flower arrangement to match Bryant's bouquet, underneath a skylight strung with twinkly fairy lights.

It seems that several of Bryant's SNL costars were in attendance. "Weekend Update" host Michael Che can be seen in the left foreground of her snapshot, former writer and cast member Mike O'Brien is standing back near the brick wall, and current cast member Beck Bennett appears to be clapping for the bride and groom across the aisle from Che.

During an April 2017 appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Bryant revealed that O'Malley, a comedy writer, had proposed to her in October 2016. In the interview, the I Feel Pretty star shared the hilarious story of how O'Malley, her boyfriend of nearly a decade, proposed by dressing their dog up in a bowtie. "I was like, 'My dog doesn't wear a bowtie! Where is he going tonight?' Basically, the second I shut the door, a man-who I discovered was Conner-frantically came around the corner and was just like, 'Will you marry me?!' No box. No 'I love you,'" she said.

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"Just a man in full terror, standing very far from a dog in a bowtie, just holding a loose ring, going, 'Will you marry me?'" the 30-year-old recalled. "I was like, 'What?' I truly couldn't comprehend what was happening, and I kept saying, 'Is this a joke? Are you doing a joke?' And then I said, 'Of course I'll marry you. I love you.' And it was really nice."


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