YouTube Star Jessi Smiles is Engaged - And Pregnant!

YouTube Star Jessi Smiles is Engaged - And Pregnant!

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2017 is about to bring a titanic ton of changes for social media star Jessi Smiles - and we're not talking about Instagram updates! The YouTube celeb toting over 661,000 subscribers and 449,000 Instagram followers is adding to that fam of thousands with a new fiancГ© - and a baby! Yep, the 23-year-old is both engaged and pregnant, spilling the details to her fans in typical YouTuber fashion, via a video blog on her popular channel.

Never try to fool the YouTube community, you guys! They see all… After tons of speculation from her fans, Jessi Smiles officially confirmed her engagement and pregnancy in a YouTube video recently posted to her page. "A lot of you guessed this," Smiles said in the aforementioned video. "I tried my best to hide it, but I guess some of you guessed it." But after spending some time soaking up all that #engagementbliss and showing off that pregnancy glow, the girl is ready to share - to a causal few hundred thousand people, NBD.

"I am pregnant and I am engaged," she said, showing off the engagement ring on her finger and her little one's first sonogram. According to J-14, the YouTuber's sweetie is named Nassim Ssimou, whom she's reportedly only been dating for a few months. "We didn't feel it necessary to wait years to get engaged," explained Smiles, stating that she probably won't tie the knot for another two or three years. "We're going to be engaged for years, but he just felt that it was right. And he asked me to marry him on New Year's Eve - and obviously, I said yes."

And as if that new bling on her finger - a stunning princess-cut diamond Smiles later showed off on Instagram - wasn't jaw-dropping enough, Smiles also announced that she's pregnant. "It was an extreme shock," she admitted. "I recognize that although this wasn't part of my plan, this is one of the biggest blessings."

"I didn't know it was going to be now, but I knew I always wanted it," she further explained. "So I'm very, very happy."

All we have to say is, a wedding video better make an eventual appearance on her YouTube page!

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