So, Who's Supposed to Plan the Bridal Shower Anyway?

So, Who's Supposed to Plan the Bridal Shower Anyway?

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When it comes time to delegating planning some of your pre-wedding parties, you may begin to scratch your head over who should be doing what and, more important, who should be footing the bill for what. While usually the families of the couple throw the engagement party and the friends throw the bachelorette and bachelor parties, it may not be as clear who is in charge of the bridal shower.

If you're trying to decide who should take on the responsibility of setting up an event so your friends and family can shower you before it's time to walk down the aisle, here's a little help as to who should, could, or would want to take on that role.

Your Mom
The first person you can ask to help you with the bridal shower is either your mother or the mother of the groom. They may want to take on the role of planning this pre-wedding event for you and may even want to plan it together. If you don't feel like it's something they want to do or even know how to do, you can consider making them “co-planners” with your friends or someone else in your life who may be interested.

Your Relatives
If you have a group of relatives who are itching for a way to be part of your wedding, you may want to turn this over to them. Ask if they'll all chip in to throw you the shower as their official wedding gift, and guide them through some ideas of what you want.

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Your Bridal Party
While you may not want to burden your bridal party with one more thing they need to plan and pay for, if you don't have anyone else in your life eager to throw you the shower, you can ask your bridesmaids to take on this job and even suggest some inexpensive ways they can do this so nobody has to shell out more cash than they can.

It may not seem like something you want to do for yourself, but if you feel like taking on the task of planning your shower, there are no rules that say you can't!

Anyone Up for It
Really, ditch the rules. There's no specific person who is in charge of taking on the bridal-shower honor, so put some feelers out there, see who is interested, or just take it on yourself.

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