Lauren Conrad Debuts a Version of Her Engagement Ring for Kohl's

Lauren Conrad Debuts a Version of Her Engagement Ring for Kohl's

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If Lauren Conrad and her husband, William Tell, are #RelationshipGoals to you, perhaps you'll want to start dropping engagement ring hints to your significant other about Conrad's latest creation for Kohl's. The Brides columnist and former star of The Hills now has a jewelry line with Kohl's called LC Lauren Conrad Fine Jewelry. Among the beautiful and delicate rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in her line, there's an option that appears to be reminiscent of Lauren Conrad's own engagement ring. Her original ring features a classic round-cut diamond on a simple rose-gold engagement band, while the Kohl's version features a 10-karat rose-gold band with a round morganite stone on a prong setting. A logo for Conrad's jewelry line is also etched inside the band.

And if you're thinking that a Kohl's ring couldn't possibly be fancy enough for your actual engagement ring, think again: It comes with a $2,000 price tag. Check out the beautiful ring below, and click here to buy it.


And here's Conrad's engagement ring, for comparison.

There's currently a buy-one-get-one-half-off deal attached to the ring, so you may want to consider a few other options from her line. You can also find a similar version in white-gold with a green quartz stone for $500. So if the rose-gold engagement ring trend isn't for you, maybe the white-gold option will be.

Conrad is just as excited about the rings as we are-she announced the rings from her new line on Instagram. "I'm so in love with the tiny rose-gold and diamond rings in my new line of @lclaurenconrad fine jewelry," she wrote. "So pretty stacked or worn by themselves 😍 Online now."


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