This Brand Lets You Design Your Own Engagement Ring

This Brand Lets You Design Your Own Engagement Ring

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Imagine designing your very own engagement ring and having the tools to do so. Engagement season is almost upon us, and those of you just starting your engagement ring shopping adventure might be looking for a truly custom experience. Enter, Waant to make your custom engagement ring dreams come true.

Every bride-to-be has an idea as to what she wants in an engagement ring, whether it be the classic solitaire on a platinum band or an emerald cut diamond with a rose gold setting. But, it's the details that make an engagement ring one-of-a-kind. Waant offers that creative experience online and the best part is you can see what your actual ring will look like!

"A ring from us is a nod to starting with what she wants but adding a little something extra," says founder Jenny Chung Seeger. Though designing your own engagement ring can sound like an overwhelming prospect, the actual process is super easy and fun. You start by choosing a ring base then customizing all the extras-stone shape, band style, prongs, accent stones, metal, and band shape. The Waant team then hand selects your stones-which are ethically sourced-based on your design. The ring is then 3-d printed and cast just for you. In total, the ring is in your hands in just 4-6 weeks. And if you don't absolutely love it, the team's Design Guarantee ensures you'll receive a complimentary redesign.

Seeger partnered with the talented jewelry designer, Bliss Lau, best known for her non-traditional style, who makes sure every ring and customization lives up to their standards. If you need help, they've got specialists available to answer all of your questions.

This is hands down the most important jewelry purchase you may ever make-so why not take complete control of it? Waant's custom rings start at $2,400.


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