Emily Ratajkowski and Husband Sebastian Bear-McClard Introduce Newest Family Member

Emily Ratajkowski and Husband Sebastian Bear-McClard Introduce Newest Family Member

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It's a boy! Model Emily Ratajkowski and husband Sebastian Bear-McClard welcomed a new addition to their family this weekend-but not exactly the kind you might think.

Rather than announcing the birth of a son or daughter, à la Amy Schumer, Meghan Markle, and Kim Kardashian, who welcomed babies on May 5, 6 and 9, respectively, the Gone Girl star and film producer introduced… a puppy!

“Everyone out here having babies (Kim, Megan, Amy) but we got a new special guy ourselves,” Ratajkowski, 27, captioned an Instagram photo of herself and McClard, 32, snuggling up to their newest family member in bed on Saturday, May 11. She also revealed the sex and the name of their pet, writing: “It's a boy! Meet Colombo.”

Though Colombo appears to be receiving plenty of love from his adoptive parents, his first night in his new home proved a little… rough.

“We slept on the floor in front of his crate last night,” the model revealed on Instagram Stories alongside a devastatingly cute photo of the pup. Ratajkowski also asked followers for any tips they might have for early days.

Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard tied the knot after just a few weeks of dating with a surprise courthouse ceremony in 2018.

While many were quick to dismiss the duo's commitment to each other, Ratajkowski said she knew what she was doing: She “vetted” her love for nearly two years before making her move!

“No one can take women seriously on any choices that they make, especially if they're unique to them and they don't play into the way we think women should get married. It's a constant writing-off," the actress lamented to Marie Claire last year.

She's already proved the haters wrong: The pair celebrated their one-year anniversary in February 2019.

And as a source told Hollywood Life in March 2018, the twosome could be making an announcement of another kind any day. “The chances of Emily being pregnant in the near future are legitimately 50/50 right now,” the insider noted, adding that Ratajkowski is “battling between having children now or putting it off a few years, since her career is pretty much out of control.”

No matter what they decide, it looks like they'll have plenty of parenting practice thanks to sweet little Colombo!

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