Miami's Most Romantic Restaurants to Pop the Question

Miami's Most Romantic Restaurants to Pop the Question

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This one is for the grooms-to-be. When it comes to the most important question of your lives, popping the question in a place that is as perfect as the ring you're about to give her is crucial-after all, the story is just as important as the proposal itself. From sky-high seats above Lincoln Road to intimate Italian eateries downtown, these five Miami restaurants are sure to provide just the right ambiance for the big moment.

The Setai (Above)

If you're looking for cuisine to match the quality of the bling you're about to whip out, The Setai's executive chef, Mathias Gervais, provides the perfect pairings-thanks to his impressive background cooking at Michelin-starred restaurants throughout France, Italy, and Monaco. Start with classic cocktails in the courtyard and keep your seats by the serenity pond for a meal to remember that ends on a sweet note: when she receives something that sparkles alongside her dessert.

Gianni's at The Villa

Courtesy of Gianni's at The VillaВ

When stepping through the opulent front doors of the former Versace mansion, it may not be a surprise that a proposal is coming since it's such a stunning backdrop for dining in style. Both the mosaic walls of the dining room and the terrace overlooking the iconic 24K-gold-filled Mosaic Pool make for an over-the-top spot to pop the question-and capture the moment in the most Instagram-worthy of places.


В Courtesy of Juvia

Head to the Juvia just as the sun is setting for sweeping views over Lincoln Road. This tucked-away spot sitting up in the Herzog and de Meuron-designed penthouse is a beautiful spot for any husband-and-wife-to-be. The best seats in the house are arguably on the patio with a skyline view that'll steal her attention away until the big moment comes. She'll have all eyes on you-and the ring-as you pop the question while popping open a bottle of bubbly from the restaurant's expansive celebratory wine and spirits drink menu.

Palme d'Or

Courtesy of Palme d'OrВ

Brides-to-be with a penchant for all things French will love the elegant dining room at Michelin-starred Chef Gregory Pugin's Palme d'Or at the Biltmore Miami. Request a corner table by the pool-deemed one of the most romantic in town-and bring out the ring box over fine French fare like foie gras and flamed black truffle pie in a place that would feel right at home in Paris.

Soya e Pomodoro

Courtesy of Soya e PomodoroВ

Downtown Miami isn't exactly overflowing with romantic spots, but one locale that's a favorite among locals is in the most unassuming of places-a former bank-dating back to 1925. Located on a side street not far from the Metromover Station, this restaurant is run by two Italian transplants. Soya e Pomodoro is fueled by low-key European flair in a space that could easily be mistaken for Rome or Venice, except for the rotation of jazz performers that give the eatery a retro-Miami vibe. Settle into a cozy table in the corner and ask for the best bottle of red-this is definitely the occasion to go all-out Italian-style.


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