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14 Winter Manicure Ideas To Try This Engagement Season

14 Winter Manicure Ideas To Try This Engagement Season

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Whether you want to maintain a fresh manicure in the event your S.O. pops the question this season or you're gearing up for your engagement party, a winter manicure is always a good idea. Besides, what beauty aficionado doesn't already take her nail polish options seriously year-round? When it comes to beauty musts, a flawless manicure is up there with impeccably-shaped brows and good hair days. And yes, winter is coming, so we're using it as the perfect excuse to upgrade our next manicure with something a little more fun and festive (Can you blame us?). Think moody hues, color-blocking, and hints of glitter-nothing too flashy, but a little "something new" to spruce up your everyday reds and nudes.

Winter nail art, in particular, is a great way to accessorize any outfit on those days when it's just too chilly to even fathom getting dressed and putting on makeup. You can add sparkle, take on a geometric pattern or go for a muted shade of gray, but one thing's for sure: A touch of nail art will make any ring selfie pop in the best way possible (hey, it's engagement season so we're thinking ahead). We've searched Instagram for some beautiful winter nail art ideas to inspire your next manicure, and trust us, you won't be disappointed. From high-impact graphic designs to holiday-worthy glitter looks, you're bound to find a look that you'll totally love. Below, feast your eyes on 14 winter nail art ideas to beat the cold-weather blues all season long and pair with your sparkly engagement ring.

Chevron Pattern

Glitter Galaxy

Winter White

High-Impact Red


Pearl Accents

Glinty Nude

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Hint of Sparkle

Black & White

Bronzed Up

Minimalist Gray

Black Tips

Festive Glitter