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EXCLUSIVE: Showpo Is Launching a Bridal Collection

EXCLUSIVE: Showpo Is Launching a Bridal Collection

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The Instagram-friendly Australian retailer, Showpo-known for its super 'gramable skirts, dresses, and everyday wear-is expanding into weddings and, surprisingly, it has little to do with their engaged CEO, Jane Lu.

The brand's fan base of more than 1.6 million Instagram followers has fallen in love with Showpo's style-driven designs and affordable price points, which is exactly what Showpo plans to bring to the bridal world. It is set to launch a collection of eight wedding dresses at the end of May for “millennial women who are excited about getting married but don't want to spend four or five figures on a dress that you will only wear once.”

The wedding dresses will all ring in at under $250. They've taken inspiration from their best-selling occasion-wear dresses, but upgraded to more luxe fabrics, construction, and silhouettes that they see trending on social media in an effort to create a more formal look. “We've taken the features that we think our brides want-some of our best selling necklines, body shapes that we know that our customers love," Lu tells Brides. "We also know that our Showpo customer loves to be on Instagram and be on social so I think a lot of our pieces are designed with that in mind.”

Showpo gave Brides a sneak peek at its first three looks in the collection: the Put a Ring On It gown, the Vows for Life gown, and the Fall in Deep gown. Check out the gowns you're sure to double tap, below.

Put a Ring On It features a body-skimming silhouette, buttons down the side, and an off-the-shoulder illusion neckline, all for $193.

Courtesy of Showpo

Vows for Life, $154, is a simple strapless dress with a dramatic train.

Fall in Deep, also $154, is an allover lace gown with a low, strappy back.

As for the rest of the yet-to-be-released designs, brides can expect more romantic details and embellishments. The bridal launch will also include a range of bridesmaid dresses, wedding guest dresses, and bridal accessories.

And in the future, Lu's own wedding dress-she'll be wearing Showpo, of course-will be available for purchase. She's still working out the details but she revealed to us that she wants pockets, a “princess bottom,” and the perfect balance between a modest and plunging neckline.

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Whenever it drops, her dress and the other wedding dresses, bridesmaids looks, and guest dresses will follow the brand's current size chart and be available in sizes 0-16. You can officially buy the new merch here on May 30.


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