8 Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal

8 Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal

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Whether you're waiting on your partner to pop the question or you're the one getting down on one knee, your proposal is one moment you won't forget. Wedding planning website Zola surveyed newly-engaged couples nationwide to learn how to craft the perfect proposal. Here's what Zola learned from their answers:

8 Perfect Proposal Considerations

  1. Consider ring shopping together: 1 in 4 couples want to pick out the ring together in advance.

Treat her to a fresh manicure: 40% wanted to have a fresh manicure.

Keep your proposal a surprise: 89% wanted the proposal to be a total surprise.

  • Think twice about proposing in front of family and friends: 73% prioritized a private proposal (just the couple) vs. 21% who prioritized a public proposal around friends and/or family.
  • Don't get the iPhone involved: Contrary to popular belief that our phones need to document every single moment of our lives, only 1 out of 3 couples wanted their proposals captured on camera and only 14% wanted to have their proposal captured on video!
  • Find a special spot outside of your home: Only 5% said they wanted to get engaged in the comfort of their own home.
  • Don't stress about proposing on vacation: While a vacation proposal might seem like a dream come truly, only 18% wanted to get engaged in a romantic vacation spot.

    Savor the moment with your S.O: While it might seem like a great idea to also plan a surprise engagement party, only 12% of couples revealed that they'd want one right after the proposal. Savor the moment as a newly-engaged couples and then find time to celebrate with friends and family!

    Jennifer Spector, Zola's Newlywed-at-Large, weighed in on how to make the proposal work for both you and your partner, no matter what your relationship style is.

    “The best advice is to keep your future fiancé in mind," she says. "Instead of stressing over small details, think about what is actually true to you as a couple. Does this person love or hate surprises? Do you have a special first date spot or anniversary tradition that is really special? The rest will all fall into place!”

    When Zola asked “How did your actual proposal turn out"

    ● 38% of newly-engaged couples said “even better than I imagined.”

    ● 36% of newly-engaged couples said “not exactly what I had imagined, but still wonderful.”

    ● 24% of newly-engaged couples said “exactly how I imagined.”

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    “A proposal is about the two of you and does not need to include 100 of your closest friends," Spector adds. "Even if you want to shout your love from the rooftops, wait until after you get that 'yes.' This will be one of the most intimate, special moments in your newlywed life!”


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