A Florida Couple Asked for Goats Instead of Wedding Gifts for the Best Reason

A Florida Couple Asked for Goats Instead of Wedding Gifts for the Best Reason

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There are some seriously unique wedding gift registry ideas out there, but this couple's ask comes in first place. Instead of a traditional registry, Katherine and Edwin Dean asked their guests for money to purchase 1,000 goats for charity.

The Naples, Florida, couple told local Fox affiliate WFTX that through their volunteer work in Malawi, Africa, and working with Villages in Partnership, a charity organization, they became passionate about improving the lives of others. So it makes sense that they saw their wedding as another opportunity to give back.

“Katherine and I are both very focused on helping people, making the world a better place,” Edwin said. “It was sort of the least that we could do.”

The Deans, who got married on June 16, were being modest when they said it's the least they could do. The charity told WTFX how much these goats can really improve someone's life. "One approach we take to combat lack of food and income is to provide families with goats as a source of income,” a Villages in Partnership spokesperson said. “One goat can help a farmer produce a fruitful harvest by using its byproducts as fertilizer. We also encourage families to breed their goats and sell offspring to local markets as an additional source of income."

Thankfully, Katherine and Edwin's guests saw the benefit in the goats as well and had no problem donating. “Some people bought one, two, four, 10,” Edwin said. “We did have one group that gave 100 goats."

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Each goat costs $50-which is cheaper than the average cost of a wedding gift-and Katherine, who even carried a baby goat down the aisle, thinks her guests felt good about being able to make a charitable donation over a material purchase. “I think people were very moved that instead of wedding presents we were asking for donations," she said.

The Deans have raised enough money for 670 goats so far. You can help them reach their goal of 1,000 goats by donating here.