Watch Maroon 5 Help a Fan Propose at Their Concert

Watch Maroon 5 Help a Fan Propose at Their Concert

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Nothing is better than finally getting a proposal you've been patiently waiting for, except, perhaps, when it's combined with meeting your favorite celebrity. Jessica Gregory was living the dream on Thursday night when Dennis Foley proposed, helped by none other than Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine.

Before singing "She Will Be Loved" during Thursday night's concert at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Levine asked if there was anyone in the audience ready to propose. According to WLOX, a local ABC affiliate, he said if you've been thinking about doing it, now is the moment.

Foley took this as his cue and ran to the front, where he was helped onstage along with Gregory and her daughter-all of which was caught on camera.

“All right, I'm no minister but it looks like this is pretty real,” Levine said while the Mississippi couple settled in onstage. “What's the answer? Take your time. Take your time.”

The “What Lovers Do” singer proceeded to ask the bride-to-be what her answer was. “One word,” he said. While handing her the mic she called out, “Yes!”

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We assume this future groom had no way of knowing Levine would put the call out for a proposal at the end of the night, but it seems he was ready to ask anyway. A sort of backward proposal, but after getting his answer, Foley dropped to one knee and presented his fiancГ© with an engagement ring. Before hopping offstage, Gregory snagged a selfie with her favorite artist.

“June 14, 2018 is going down in the books as one of my top 5 nights of all time,” Gregory wrote on Facebook along with the video. “I met my fantasy dream guy FINALLY, and my real life dream guy blew my mind with his spur of the moment crazy self. He knows how much I adore Adam Levine, and this engagement has been a long time coming… (you can ask anyone 😂)We don't really have any plans beyond this right now, we are both kind of in utter shock… pinch me, is this real life? I always knew I would get my selfie with Adam one day… just didn't ever imagine it it being like this.”

That's one heck of a concert.