Meghan Markle's Shockingly Easy Royal Wedding Updo

Meghan Markle's Shockingly Easy Royal Wedding Updo

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Meghan Markle kind of owns the messy updo (that girl is all about a self-conch tendril tuck!). And how refreshingly, Markle-ishly modern that-despite the setting, spectacle, and grandeur of a royal wedding/worldwide event-she still had strands of loose bangs tucked behind her ears, and she chose a chic-but-slightly-disheveled updo. Everything she wears, from ripped jeans to white jackets, causes a cascade of copycats. Why should this bun be any different?

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Here, we got the experts to break down the how-to so you can pull off Meghan Markle's wedding day hair at home.

Long-lead Prep

“Meghan maintains beautiful body,” says Kelly DeSerio, a New York-based bridal specialist with the Ted Gibson Creative Team. In recent years, Meghan seems to have been straightening her naturally curly hair; for long-term smoothness like this, DeSerio recommends a salon treatment like Express Keratin. “It removes the frizz and reduces curl, but leaves body and wave so you can still get a great bouncy blowout.”

Day-of Prep

Wedding-day hair calls for a base as strong as the British monarchy. To get a style just like Meghan's chignon, "start with a rich blow-dry," says bridal hairstylist Teddi Cranford, founder of New York City's White Rose Collective and lead stylist for ApotheCARE Essentials. "People assume that when a look is soft like this, you don't need a blowout." For the best results, DeSerio suggests using a Parlux dryer and Ibiza brush. “They're perfect for the amount of power and tension needed to create the blowout Meghan usually rocks.”

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If your hair texture is like Meghan's, finger comb some Kerastase Discipline Keratine Thermique Smoothing Taming Milk through your length before drying; DeSerio says, “It instantly softens the hair and has anti-frizz and anti-humidity properties.”

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Then, turn on your dryer and be sure to hit the hairline first, DeSerio says: “It's the part that dries the quickest and then becomes hardest to smooth afterward.” If you want it to shine like a diamond from Botswana, Cranford recommends finishing with some ApotheCare Essentials the Mender hair oil.

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Updo How-To

"This look is very Meghan in the front, royal in the back," Cranford says, laughing. "Face on, her hair looks natural, like the best version of herself. In the back, though, you need the to-do of that big bun. It supports how dramatic the headpiece is, the veil, the train of her dress." To start, Cranford suggests all you have to do is "part your hair down the center and sweep the front behind your ears with your fingers, for that loose look, and secure with criss-crossed bobby pins." Pull the back of your hair into two or three sections, and mist on a texturizing spray such as Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.

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Next, Cranford says to either braid or twist your hair loosely, pinning in place as you go. If your hair needs a little boost in the volume department, try extensions, a donut, or DeSerio's favorite, the Secret Filler.

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"The fun thing about this updo is that it lets you play up the best version of you," Cranford says. "It's swept behind the ears, it has a softness. But you'll wear it in a way that's rich, not weak." Just like Meghan.