New Floral Ideas for Flower Girls

New Floral Ideas for Flower Girls

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Instead of a smaller version of your bridesmaids' bouquets, have your flower girls carry a matching bloom. A single stem of alliums is carried down the aisle by these ladies in ivory and white dresses.

Flowers by Beautiful Blooms in Philadelphia.

Including your monogram in the wedding details? This glitter circle wand in pink, white and red feature the couple's new monogram and is accented with coordinating ribbons. Complete the look with a pink wired headband with white ribbon.

Created by Rosenow Floral Design in San Francisco.

A colorful wreath of hot pink and bright orange roses add a splash of color to this flower girl's ivory dress.

A bird's nest with (fake) robin's eggs are attached to several twigs for an outdoor wedding. To complete this nature-inspired look, a bird's nest and eggs can be attached to a headband.

Created by Rosenow Floral Design in San Francisco.

Bamboo formed into a triangle and filled with yellow and green mini pom pom chrysanthemums and trimmed in copper ribbon are a very natural look.

Flowers by Beautiful Blooms in Philadelphia.

These three little ladies wear a wreath or ivory roses that compliment the waist detail on their dresses. The two older girls carry a basket filled with ivory rose petals, while the youngest carries an ivory ring pillow.

This nature-inspired wand features a ball made of sheet moss and is adorned with glittered butterflies. Matching strands of green and lavender ribbon are added for a touch of whimsy.

Created by Rosenow Floral Design in San Francisco.

Incorporate your wedding's location into your flower girl's look. These little girls wear a wreath of fuchsia orchids and carry a reed basket with white orchids to toss as they make their way down the aisle.

"Cupcake wands" are made with cupcake papers in a rainbow colors. Coordinating ribbons are attached to the base of the pom pom for an additional whimsical effect. Matchng headbands are also available.


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