Chiara Ferragni Is Engaged! See The Blonde Salad Blogger's Epic Proposal Video

Chiara Ferragni Is Engaged! See The Blonde Salad Blogger's Epic Proposal Video

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Prepare for the trendiest wedding ever, you guys! Chiara Ferragni, the Italian fashion and lifestyle blogger behind The Blonde Salad, is officially engaged! The fashionista's Italian rapper boyfriend, Fedez, just popped the question this past weekend-during one of his packed concerts, no less! And the newly engaged couple celebrated the only way you'd expect a trendsetter and an international rapper to: A totally Instagrammable weekend jaunt around Italy with their fashionable friends in tow! Goals, y'all. GOALS.

On Saturday night, WWD reports that Ferragni was in the audience at Fedez's concert in Verona, Italy, when a young girl surprised her by taking her hand and leading her up onstage where her beau was waiting. There, clips of cutesy couple moments and photos of the pair flashed on screen as Ferragni stood surprised (yet looking fab in a sparkly little black dress by Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent, we might add). Then, Fedez sauntered up in a black tuxedo and began crooning an unreleased tune in Italian, as the clued-in audience held up hundreds of red hearts. Excuse us while we swoon…

"Non servono anelli che ci tengono assieme," sang Fedez, which according to WWD translates to "We don't need rings to keep us together." At that line, Fedez stopped singing and said, "We don't need rings to be together, but to ask you what I'm about to ask, perhaps I do." We. Are. Screaming.

Fedez then dropped to one knee and pulled out an engagement ring-a white gold sparkler with a large round solitaire diamond, to be exact-which Ferragni of course accepted to the elated screams of the audience.

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So, how on earth does one properly celebrate a proposal that insane? With an equally epic weekend party around Italy, of course! Ferragni previously planned the jaunt to celebrate her just-passed 30th birthday. But now, with also an engagement to ring in, the blogger and 30 of her closest pals took over Venice to mark both festive occasions and celebrate that sparkler-in matching personalized Alberta Ferretti sweaters, natch.


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