Cindy Crawford Reminds Us Why She's the OG Beach Bride With a Throwback Wedding Photo

Cindy Crawford Reminds Us Why She's the OG Beach Bride With a Throwback Wedding Photo

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It's the glowing photo that launched a thousand beach brides. Has there ever been a better inspiration for those seeking a relaxed vibe to their wedding than a barefoot Cindy Crawford marrying Rande Gerber on Paradise Island in the Bahamas? In celebration of their 20th wedding anniversary (yes, it's really been two decades!), the supermodel shared a throwback wedding photo to Instagram, reminding us all what made her the OG beach bride.

Wearing a very simple bohemian (looking) John Galliano mini lace shift, Cindy was rocking beach waves before that was even a thing. We bet she didn't even need a wand to get those, they just appeared. The duo is glowing, glistening, sunny, and happy with a sparkling ocean backdrop to boot. Her barely-there makeup look is perfect for the naturally beautiful surroundings.

The supermodel's 2015 book, Becoming, offered an extra glimpse into the couple's ultra casual May 29, 1998 nuptials, even giving the reason behind that au naturel beauty look. "I wanted to look like the best version of the girl Rande loves waking up to every morning," Crawford wrote. "Rather than have my dad walk me down the aisle and give me away, Rande and I chose to walk each other down the stairs that led to the beach and the ceremony." We're 100 percent in agreement that she nailed that best version of me look.

And the secret to a long-lasting hot marriage according to the girl who made her mole a fashion statement-tequila.

"I definitely think tequila is the secret to a happy marriage," Mrs. Gerber told Us Weekly in October 2015. "I mean, we met on tequila!" The couple is partners with best pal George Clooney on tequila brand Casamigos, which Cindy prefers on the rocks.

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And looks like it works. The couple, parents to Kaia (a.k.a. mini Cindy) and Presley, are still very much in love, frequently sharing #TBTs of their big day and gushing over one another on Instagram when an anniversary hits.

Here's to 20 more years of sexy Instagrams with the Crawford-Gerbers!