This Couple Made Sure Their Dallas Wedding Was Filled With Lots of Love and Color

This Couple Made Sure Their Dallas Wedding Was Filled With Lots of Love and Color

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Susan and Matt met four times over the course of a year before it really stuck. "We allegedly first met at a friend's house on St. Patrick's Day in 2010, or at Glamorama in August (which we have pictures of!)," says Susan. "But I say we first met on Halloween of that year. My girlfriends and I were out at a bar, and this total cheeseball came over and offered us tequila shots. I asked the bartender who he was, and he said 'That's Matt Jones, he's the nicest guy in the world.'" But they lost touch after that night, and it wasn't until St. Patrick's Day of 2011 that the couple both remembers meeting, and immediately hitting it off.

Three years later, Matt surprised Susan when her parents showed up for what was supposed to be his birthday dinner (her birthday is a week later). "They told me they wanted to surprise me since they couldn't come to town the next week," she says. While she was in the bathroom, Matt asked Susan's dad for her hand in marriage. The next day, Susan ran up to Matt's apartment to grab a pair of shoes before they went out for drinks, and found a playlist of songs and a loop of photos of their relationship running on a screen. She also found a note telling her to meet Matt at the Drake Hotel, where he popped the question. "We had our moment, and then I realized I'd left my parents at the bar! But Matt took care of it - his parents were there, too! They'd never met before that night," she says.

With a groom who clearly thinks of everything, Susan was happy to have Matt on her team as they started planning their June 27, 2015, wedding - even letting him pick both of their venues! They chose the Petroleum Club Sky Lobby in Dallas, Texas, falling for the dramatic views of downtown. "We just wanted a big love party," says the bride, and that's what they got. Check it out, with photos by Anna Smith Photography, below!

Photo: Anna Smith Photography

Though Susan originally planned on wearing blue shoes with her Pronovias wedding dress, she slipped on Badgley Mischka sandals at the last minute. "I ended up sewing a little heart cut from my dad's shirt under the skirt of my gown," she says. "I don't know if he even knows that… Sorry Dad!"

Photo: Anna Smith Photography

The bride's sleek look included a fit-and-flare tulle wedding dress with wraparound draping, finished with a beaded belt and veil, both designed by the bride and her mom! She chose a colorful bouquet of blue delphinium, muscari, Sarah Bernhardt peonies, Juliet garden roses, scabiosa, anemones, and seeded eucalyptus. Matt donned a classic tuxedo with a boutonniere made of fuchsia peonies and blue muscari.

The bridesmaids' peony, rose, and anemone bouquets matched Susan's and popped against their black tulle gowns.

Photo: Anna Smith Photography

"I loved the classic look of all the girls in long black dresses," says Susan of the convertible Jenny Yoo gowns her 'maids wore. All the groomsmen are longtime friends (and have the closets full of groomsmen suits to match!), so the couple asked them to wear classic black attire that they already owned.

Photo: Anna Smith Photography

"When our wedding party was seated after the processional, Matt and I followed them and sat in the congregation!" Susan laughs. "The priest looked around, came over to us, and reminded us to sit at the altar next to him." Susan also ad-libbed her vows, even though she and Matt didn't write their own. "I was supposed to just repeat what the priest told me to say, and I still ended up making up my own words!"

Photo: Anna Smith Photography

At the reception, tables were arranged beneath the lobby's stunning skylight. Tables were decorated with crystal chandeliers and arrangements of white hydrangeas and pink and peach roses, studded with seeded eucalyptus.

Photo: Anna Smith Photography

The pair's first dance was to "You" by Chris Young. Says Susan, "Our band was amazing! They had everyone on the dance floor, from Matt's grandmother and great aunt to my family from Ireland singing Irish tunes on stage!'

The bride, a Texas girl at heart, had one request for dinner: A medium-rare steak. "My second-favorite part of the meal was dessert, brownies and ice cream!" she says.

Photo: Anna Smith Photography

The pair honeymooned a few months later in Aruba, where they took a picture for their pregnancy announcement!

Says the bride, "On your wedding day, move slowly and deliberately. It's a beautiful day, and it'll be gone before you know it!"

Ceremony Venue: Holy Trinity Catholic Church || Reception Venue: Dallas Petroleum Club || Bride's Wedding Dress: Pronovias || Shoes: Badgley Mischka || Hair & Makeup: Pure Color || Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo || Groom's Attire: Joshua Kercher Bespoke || Engagement Ring & Wedding Bands: Vinciguerra Jewelry || Florist: Vella Nest Floral || Music: Chinatown Band || Photographer: Anna Smith Photography

Can't get enough of this wedding? Then check out another beautiful Texas bash in the video below.


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