This Groom Surprised His Bride by Hiding a Killer Clown in Their Wedding Photos

This Groom Surprised His Bride by Hiding a Killer Clown in Their Wedding Photos

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What better way to start off a marriage than by hiding a creepy clown in the background of your wedding photos for your wife to find later?

Texas couple Vince Alexander and his wife, Manda, married last year in March 2017 at the Witte Museum in San Antonio, Texas. The two hired photographer Megan Bowling of Pop of Color Images to capture a few shots of them on their wedding day-but instead of posing for just the traditional wedding-day snapshots, Vince decided that a knife-wielding clown in the background of their otherwise-romantic wedding photos would be much more unique. Well, he wasn't wrong. Even more hilarious, the groom opted to keep the Pennywise-esque clown a secret from his bride for a scary surprise.

“I originally told her I wanted to have a clown in the wedding to tie balloons and do stuff like that,” Vincent, 39, told PEOPLE. “My wife is amazing and said, 'If you absolutely want it, you can.' But she didn't really want it and I knew she didn't want it. So I told her we didn't have to-and I planned this instead.” What a compromise.

Vince had his brother Matt do a quick outfit change into the horrifying clown costume right after the ceremony, as the couple went off to take their posed photos. Vince then worked with Bowling and his brother to perfectly time the moment, so that his brother would appear right behind him and his bride in the photo-unbeknownst to Manda.

“I planned it out. I talked to my photographer, the wedding planner and the person that was running the event,” Vince explained. “There was a period there right after the ceremony where we're taking pictures with all the family, then we went off and took pictures by ourselves. I had my brother get dressed right then and he was waiting inside that little barn in there.”

Pop of Color Images Pop of Color Images

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Vince finally showed his wife the scary snapshot one year after wedding, printing out the photo to gift to Manda for their “paper anniversary,” a tradition where a couple gives one another papers gifts to celebrate their first anniversary.

“She loved it. She was so happy about it,” Vince said. “We have it hanging up right now. She thought it was absolutely hilarious!”