Vaping in Wedding Photos Is the Latest Trend That Will, Um, Blow You Away

Vaping in Wedding Photos Is the Latest Trend That Will, Um, Blow You Away

We apologize in advance for the news we're about to break, but it's true: Vaping in your wedding photos is the latest wedding photography trend, and the internet has some MAJOR feelings about it.

It seems vaping (smoking e-cigarettes) isn't just for Gen-Z kids trying to fit in: Brides and grooms who have joined the Juul bandwagon are including their flash drive-sized nicotine box in their wedding photos. But this trend isn't totally new: As Elle spotted, Subreddit r/trashy has highlighted entire posts dedicated to this unique trend, which shows off a handful of brides and grooms blowing smoke into the air with the rest of their wedding party.

And it doesn't stop there: If you search "wedding vaping" on Google Images, you'll find dozens of photos of brides and grooms romantically blowing vapor into each other's faces while donned in wedding attire. The trend has picked up so much across the Internet that people are even tweeting about the trend, per Elle. "Did you know vaping wedding photos were a real thing? Lmao. Now, you do," Twitter user @sputla_da_deeja wrote alongside a series of photos. Another user also shared a handful of shots that they found around the Internet. "I just saw on Facebook that VAPING WEDDING PHOTOS ARE A THING," they wrote, adding "Just posting these to ruin your day."

But photos aren't the only facet of weddings that are being influenced by the vaping trend. There is a whole wedding subculture around vaping, including vaping wedding planners and etiquette guides. There are even ways to decorate your venue with vaping in mind. "Decorate your wedding venue with dark backdrops that show off your vapor clouds in stark contrast," writes Gianna Delmonte of "If you have a favorite flavor of e-liquid, consider choosing a theme based around that flavor to style your wedding."

And just in case you need any more inspiration for your vape-themed wedding, there are plenty of seasonal guides to vaping at weddings. Now you and your vaping BAE can be two peas in a Juul pod, right at your own nuptials.

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