2015 BRIDES Best Honeymoons: The World's 20 Most Romantic Destinations

2015 BRIDES Best Honeymoons: The World's 20 Most Romantic Destinations

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French Polynesia

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There's a reason the overwater bungalow was invented here. The oceanscapes surrounding these 118 isles and atolls are so otherworldly, couples want to spend every second of their trip on, in, or near them. Pick your oasis: Tahiti, home to the cafГ©s and markets of Papeete; Rangiroa, beloved by divers for its teeming reefs and epic lagoon (the second largest in the world); or Bora Bora, famed for jade peaks and chic resorts. Better yet, take a few weeks and island hop; with an escape this far-flung, you'll want to hit as many spots as you can in the neighborhood.

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These atolls in the Indian Ocean have a Robinson-Crusoe-meets-luxury vibe, with tiny palm-covered isles that are each topped with a luxury resort, often with thatched roofs that add to the faraway feel. The can't-be-beat diving is just a bonus.

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This volcanic Greek isle is known for its white and blue buildings, insane Aegean Sea views, and doorways at the top of the island that seem to lead to clouds. Enter, and you'll walk down steps to restaurants that specialize in just-plucked-from-the-ocean seafood and romantic whitewashed hotels.

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This Hawaiian honeymoon haven has a relaxed surfer vibe and tons of luxe beachside resorts. Wake at dawn for a sunrise bike ride down Mount Haleakala, and set aside a day to drive the Hana Highway, pausing for hikes to waterfalls and dips in the ocean.

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This cluster of isles in the South Pacific is a land of ancient warriors and newlyweds. (Seriously, look around the plane and try to find a traveler who isn't paired up.) Book a room in a thatch-roofed bure (bungalow), catch a fire-walking ceremony, and snorkel or dive the legendary reefs.

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Courtesy of Seychelles Tourist Office

These exotic tropical islands in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Asia offer a sense of adventure. The properties here are more rustic than some other island resort destinations, but the diving is unforgettable.

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Courtesy of Kauai Visitors Bureau

Hawaii's sleepier side offers a mix of quiet and adventure. Hike through lush rain forests to waterfalls, or take a helicopter ride over them, then hop a boat tour of the Na Pali Coast's cliffs or sign up for a snorkeling excursion to swim with giant sea turtles.

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Courtesy of The Mulia, Mulia Resort and Villas

Thanks to Eat, Pray, Love, this Indonesian isle is now a hot spot for women travelers, but it's been a honeymoon mecca for years. And when you see the lush terraced rice fields, Hindu temples, and hushed beaches, you'll know why.

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Courtesy of Anguilla Tourist Board

Just a short boat ride from St. Martin, Anguilla has some of the most spectacular resorts and white-sand beaches in the region - plus a rep for being a foodie's paradise.

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Courtesy of Nevis Tourism Authority

This sleepy West Indies isle, once home to sugar plantations, is a little harder to reach but worth the trek for its off-the-radar atmosphere. The biggest draws: sea turtles, the rain forest full of velvet monkeys, and a famous barefoot-in-the-sand bar.

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Courtesy of Italian National Tourist Board

For many couples, Italy is a romantic dream. The good news: A honeymoon here can actually live up to the hype. Walk the line between trying to see everything - you can come back again! - and taking the time to enjoy la dolce vita.

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St. Lucia

Courtesy of Saint Lucia Tourist Board

St. Lucia is known for its twin green Piton mountains, but it is most famous among the honeymoon set for its own unique indulgence: the three-walled room, which leaves couples in a luxurious yet open-air setting.

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Courtesy of Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts

The self-proclaimed sunniest of all the Caribbean isles - it sits outside the hurricane belt - Aruba is also known for wide white-sand beaches and adventure sports. Because of its omnipresent tradewinds, windsurfing and kite surfing are especially popular, though you can also water-ski, tube, snorkel, and parasail.

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South Africa

Courtesy of Cape Town Tourism

Framed by mountains, beaches, and vineyards, Cape Town has a rep as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But for some honeymooners, South Africa is all about the safari. Explore Kruger National Park, camera in hand. You'll be on an epic search for the Big Five - lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards, and rhinos - plus hippos, giraffes, and zebras.

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Turks and Caicos

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The appeal of these tropical islands? They're so close, yet feel so far away. That and the fact that the sand is such a pristine white, and the water is such a gorgeous pale blue, you'll think you've just stepped into a Photoshopped paradise.

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British Virgin Islands

Courtesy of BVI Tourism

Sailors love the British Virgin Islands, but even if you're looking for a vacation on dry land, there are great choices here - including more than a few private-island resorts. You can learn to sail, borrow a boat, or just get a ride out to one of the beach bars that are reachable only by water.

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U.S. Virgin Islands

Courtesy of U.S. Virgin Islands Office of Tourism

On these islands, you can have your Caribbean vacation on U.S. soil without a passport, language barriers, or foreign currency. To sweeten the deal, 60 percent of one of the isles - St. John - is made up of national parkland.

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Costa Rica

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This Central American hot spot is known for its laid-back and natural vibe, surfer towns, yoga retreats hidden deep in the forest, and ecoconscious lifestyle. Our favorite thing about a trip here: hiking through the lush, monkey-filled jungle.

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Courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority

Book a Hawaiian vacation and chances are you'll fly into Oahu. There are three good reasons to spend a few days here before moving on: The best shopping in the state is in Waikiki, as are some of the most acclaimed restaurants. And if you're a surfer, you'll want to hit the legendary breaks on the North Shore.

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Courtesy of ATOUT France

Even if you took Paris out of the equation - and why would you? - this would still be one of the most romantic places on earth. Think lavender-carpeted fields in Provence, vineyards and tasting rooms in Champagne, and the chic beach towns on the French Riviera. Oh lГ lГ .