Help! I Accidentally Found an Engagement Ring in My S.O. 's Drawer

Help! I Accidentally Found an Engagement Ring in My S.O. 's Drawer

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You didn't exactly mean to (okay, maybe you did), but now that you've discovered that Tiffany's receipt in your S.O.'s pants pocket or little blue box at the back of the closet, you can't help but get super duper, do the happy dance, fist pump in the air, silently (or not so silently) scream at the top of your lungs excited. Holy crap, you're getting engaged! But OMG, how long will you have to wait? And what's the next step?

Well, if you've ever seen the movie Bride Wars, this is the perfect example of what not to do when you stumble across evidence of an engagement ring (or the real thing) in your home. We will, however, give her (the character, Liv) major props for refraining from opening up the box. Under no circumstances whatsoever though should you ever go blabbing to everyone you know that you're engaged already and then aggressively confront your partner about said engagement ring the next day. Yeah, not cool at all. Plus, it could cause some serious problems, not to mention totally ruining the moment slash surprise they probably had planned for you. So what exactly do you do then?

"Definitely don't run, shrieking into the kitchen where he's eating Cheerios, yelling, 'I do! I do! I will! I will!'" Contain your excitement as best you can and pull yourself together completely before greeting your partner. You don't want them to know anything is up, got it?

Resist the urge to tell your friends.

It's exciting, sure, but you won't want word to get around before you've had a chance to address the situation. And if they're in on it, you won't want to ruin the surprise if they accidentally spill in excitement! "Please don't start yakking on social media about how you've got a secret. Believe me, they'll find out and the big moment will be wrecked," Masini warns.

Put the ring back where you found it.

Just think: If you had a purchase like that tucked away, and suddenly it was gone, how would you feel? Save your S.O. the panic.

Say absolutely nothing.

Even if you peeked at the ring itself, you don't know when your partner will propose, so that moment will be a surprise even if the ring is not. So that look of shock and happiness on your face will still be genuine! Then do your absolute best to try to forget what you've found - otherwise every single suspicious moment will seem like an impending proposal, which will drive you totally crazy! It could be weeks (or months!) until they get down on one knee, and they're probably busy planning the perfect proposal. Your partner only gets to ask you to marry them one time, so let them have that moment so you can have it, too!

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And definitely do NOT say anything if you don't like the ring.

Wait until it is on your finger to even consider ways you might change it, whether it's a different setting or adding accent stones. Who knows, it may not seem like much in the box, but once it's on your finger, it might be exactly what you've always wanted.


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