31 Ethically-Made Swimsuits For Honeymoons, Romantic Getaways, & Destination Weddings

31 Ethically-Made Swimsuits For Honeymoons, Romantic Getaways, & Destination Weddings

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Madewell Second Wave Tank One-Piece Swimsuit in Confetti Floral

Courtesy of Madewell

SHOP NOW: Madewell, $75

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Baythe Swim Frill Seeker Bikini Top and Cheeky Bikini Bottom

Courtesy of Baythe Swim

SHOP NOW: Baythe Swim , $63.79 and Baythe Swim , $42.28

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Summersalt The Voyager Bikini Top and The Classic High Rise

Courtesy of Summersalt

SHOP NOW: Summersalt, $50 and Summersalt, $45

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OOKIOH Lisbon One Piece

Courtesy of OOKIOH


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Koru Swimwear Waiti Sport Top and Waiti Sport Bikini Bottom

Courtesy of Koru Swimwear

SHOP NOW: Koru Swimwear, $50, was $80 and Koru Swimwear, $50, was $80

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Bromelia Swimwear Grumari One-Piece

Courtesy of Bromelia Swimwear

SHOP NOW: Bromelia Swimwear, $99

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Azura Bay Grey Mermaid Bikini Top

Courtesy of Azura Bay

SHOP NOW: Azura Bay, $19.99, was $89

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Athleta Cloudbreak Rib Scoop Bikini Top and Cloudbreak Rib Mid Rise Bottom

Courtesy of Athleta

SHOP NOW: Athleta, $59 and Athleta, $49

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LONDRД– Bodywear The Minimalist No Bad Days Yellow

Courtesy of LONDRД– Bodywear

SHOP NOW: LONDRД– Bodywear, $110

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Swoon Python + ZKAK-Stripe Reversible One Shoulder Bikini Top and Reversible Cheeky Bikini Bottom

Courtesy of Swoon

SHOP NOW: Swoon, $55 and Swoon, $50

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Reformation Cove One Piece

Courtesy of Reformation

SHOP NOW: Reformation, $128

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Hackwith Wrap Top and Hipster Bottoms

Courtesy of Hackwith

SHOP NOW: Hackwith, $92 and Hackwith, $42

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Beth Richards Knot Bandeau Top and Naomi Bottom

Courtesy of Beth Richards

SHOP NOW: Beth Richards, $135 and Beth Richards, $105

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Peony Cornflower Panelled Crop and Cornflower Hi Cut Pant

Courtesy of Peony

SHOP NOW: Peony, $70.98 and Peony, $70.98

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Tropic of C The C Crop in Sage

Courtesy of Tropic of C

SHOP NOW: Tropic of C, $80

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Lacausa Scoop Back One Piece

Courtesy of Lacausa

SHOP NOW: Lacausa, $160

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Galamaar Simone Retro Top and High Bottom

Courtesy of Galamaar

SHOP NOW: Galamaar, $159 and Galamaar, $125

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WDLK Sole One Piece Reversible

Courtesy of WDLK

SHOP NOW: WDLK, approximately $180

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Vitamin A Gia Reversible Triangle Top and Lupe Bottom

Courtesy of Vitamin A

SHOP NOW: Vitamin A, $99 and Vitamin A, $110

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Paper London Barbuda Swimsuit Carvico Swim

Courtesy of Paper London

SHOP NOW: Paper London, $215.73

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Abysse Jones Bikini Top and Jean Bikini Bottom

Courtesy of Abysse

SHOP NOW: Abysse, $95 and Abysse, $95

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Camp Cove Ruby Floral-Print Swimsuit

Courtesy of Moda Operandi

SHOP NOW: Moda Operandi, $170

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Chromat Mica Duotone Top and Lindsey Duotone Bottom

Courtesy of Chromat

SHOP NOW: Chromat, $139 and Chromat, $116

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Revival Brigitte One Piece

Courtesy of Revival

SHOP NOW: Revival, $236, was $295

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Anemone Swim White Square Neck One Piece with Floral Embroidery

Courtesy of Anemone Swim

SHOP NOW: Anemone Swim , $295

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SГ©bastien AnaГЇs Maillot

Courtesy of SГ©bastien

SHOP NOW: SГ©bastien, $265

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Mylo Jana Crochet One Piece Swimsuit

Courtesy of Mylo

SHOP NOW: Mylo, approximately $295

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Mara Hoffman Isolde One Piece

Courtesy of Mara Hoffman

SHOP NOW: Mara Hoffman, $325

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Stella McCartney Red Triangle Bikini Top and Red High Waist Bikini Bottom

Courtesy of Stella McCartney

SHOP NOW: Stella McCartney, $180 and Stella McCartney, $175

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Amour Vert x Kore Gaia One Piece

Courtesy of Amour Vert x Kore

SHOP NOW: Amour Vert, $330

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Araks Myriam Bikini Top Liberty Ballet & Soleil and Mallory Hipster Liberty Soleil

Courtesy of Araks

SHOP NOW: Araks, $210 and Araks, $135


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