12 Unique Housewarming Gifts Under $150

12 Unique Housewarming Gifts Under $150

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Box Fox

Photo Courtesy of Box Fox

Your friend will have everything they need to break in their new space with this bundle of gifts. Inside the box, you'll find sage (to cleanse the space of any bad energy!) and a delicious scented candle, plus must-haves like a wine opener and linen tea towel.

SHOP NOW: Box Fox, $120

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Olive Oil

Photo Courtesy of Brightland

Get your pals some of the prettiest packaged olive oil we've ever seen. And it tastes delicious, too! These modern containers can be repurposed into vases when the olive oil is finished!

SHOP NOW: Brightland, $74

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Elysian Merlot

Photo Courtesy of Bonterra

If you're going to bring wine, bring wine that stands out. We like something with a beautiful label that also is delicious, of course. And under $30 is bonus points. This yummy merlot from Bonterra checks all three of those boxes!

SHOP NOW: Bonterra, $25

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Truff Hot Sauce

Photo Courtesy of Food52

Even if you don't love spicy food, no fridge (or home) is complete without some form of hot sauce! Bring your friends something fancy AF like this truffle infused hot sauce.

SHOP NOW: Food52, $39

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Inlaid Bowl

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Molleur

If we've said it once we've said it a hundred times: You can never have too many serving bowls. This one is inlaid by hand (!) and is a perfect modern piece to leave on display on your counter as a fruit bowl, and then as pasta or chip or soup vessel when you have guests over.

SHOP NOW: Andrew Molleur, $130

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Fancy Chalk

Photo Courtesy of Fredericks and Mae

For the kid in all of us! Give your friends the gift of having a little fun, with this chicly packaged chalk set that includes pretty much any color you could wand.

SHOP NOW: Fredericks and Mae, $30

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Photo Courtesy of Food52

Have you ever seen such a sleek, beautiful carafe? For the design lover, get this beauty-and then have them fill it up with a batch cocktail ASAP.

SHOP NOW: Food52, $130

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Irridescent Frame

Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Moving into a new space means figuring out where to put photos and art all over again. Give your friends this fun and easy table frame so they can have some memories on display while the figure out where to place the rest!

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $24

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Skandinavisk Candles Gift Set

Photo Courtesy of Trouva

What's a key ingredient in making a new home cozy (especially when the fall and winter months approach)? Candles, of course! These smell divine and are beautifully packaged, to boot.

SHOP NOW: Trouva, $52.36

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The Housewarmer Gift Set

Photo Courtesy of Hello Crisp

Aptly named, this gift box gives a little of everything you need for a starter home: fancy salt and olive oil, soap, and a candle!

SHOP NOW: Hello Crisp, $77

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Colorful Coasters

Photo Courtesy of Trouva

Everyone needs coasters! These are fun and festive (for any occasion) and jazz up a plain drinking glass in a flash.

SHOP NOW: Trouva, $52.35

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Olive Tree

Photo Courtesy of Food52

In case all of their plants died in the move (or they're the kind of people who have a green thumb) this classic olive tree is a perfect housewarming gift.

SHOP NOW: Food52, $65


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