27 Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas for Every Couple and Wedding Style

27 Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas for Every Couple and Wedding Style

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Consider Color Blocking

Photo byВ Meaghan Brianne Photo; Invitation byВ Double Dipped CalligraphyВ

Color blocking is in. A warm color palette of sunny hues puts a retro spin on this modern style.В

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Mix Linen and Leather

Photo byВ Hey Beloved; Invitation byВ IsidoreВ and AugustineВ

Linen and letter pressed invitations are all understated elegance, complete with torn edges that exude vintage romance.В

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Find Inspiration From the Outdoors

Photo byВ Hazelwood Photo; Invitation byВ SubiВ Snacks

A PacificВ northwestВ wedding calls for a woodsy inspired invitation suite that comes alive with adventure and fun.В

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Think Transparent

Photo byВ TaralynnВ Lawton; Invitation byВ Made Divine; Planned byВ Roxanne Bellamy

A transparent acrylic invitation with simple white lettering achieves contemporary minimalism.

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Consider Chinoiserie

Photo byВ Josh & Dana Fernandez; Invitation byВ Nib & Pixel; Florals byВ MibellarosaВ В

This colorful invitation suite is inspired by aВ Chinoiserie, the European interpretation of Chinese motifs. A teal and aqua color combination with hints of pinks illustrates cherry blossoms andВ bas reliefВ birds.В

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Have Fun With Illustrations

Photo byВ Experimental Vintage; Invitation byВ Wide Eyes Paper Co.В

IllustratedВ fold-outВ watercolor invitations are full of fun and whimsy. This one features the bride and groom andВ aВ scenic landscape of the vineyard where they'll tie the knot. The fourth panel is perforated so guests can tear off and send in the RSVP.В

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Create an Indie Print

Photo byВ Joe +В Kathrina; Invitation by Minted

Desert nuptials? An indie cactus print will do.

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Design Your Own Royal Wedding

Invitation byВ Penny Lane PaperyВ

An invitation suite fit for a princess. Complete with illustrations and a custom-designed crest, these invites give off enchantingВ garden vibes.В

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Work With Watercolor

Photo byВ O'Malley Photographers; Invitation byВ MomentalВ DesignsВ

These green watercolor invitations were inspired by a woodsy canopy of trees-and they're completely magical.В

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Forgo Paper

Photo byВ Ash & Stone; Invitation byВ Paper Birch DesignВ

Forget paper-leather invitations addВ an unexpected texture and get major points for originality. Plus, they're the perfect complement to the free-spirited bride's indie wedding.

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Use a Rustic Palette

Photo byВ Dawn Derbyshire; Invitation byВ Oh Joyful Day

A violet and copper palette is rustic and elegant when combined with wax seals and silk ribbon.В

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Carve Your Details on Wood

Photo byВ AlyВ Barnett; Invitation by Cut Above StationeryВ

There's no better invite for an outdoor bohemian wedding than one fashioned from wood. An envelope with a fern print stamped on will seal the deal.

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Bevel The Edges

Photo and Invitation byВ KaraВ Anne PaperВ В

Watercolor art, gold beveled edges, and engraved butterflies evoke a fairytale dream.

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Get Eclectic with Cut-Outs

Photo byВ Alex Mari Photography; Invitation byВ Pen and FoldВ В

Crystal inspired invitations are edgy and eclectic-perfect for the bohemian bride.В

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Embrace Warm Tones

Photo byВ JennyВ Collen; Invitation by Minted

Burnt tones add a splash of color in this Indian inspired invitation complete with gilded lettering and patterned corners.В

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Stick With Patterns

Photo byВ Rouxby; Invitation byВ Ink & Ivory

Bring the roaring '20s to life with an Art Deco invitation suite. Crisp lines,В geometricВ patterns, and a black and gold palette strike a chord.В

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Use Your Venue as Inspiration

Photo byВ Ashley Paige Photography; Invitation byВ Curate Events and Design

Playful and fun, this retro print is reminiscent of a postcard-andВ soВ Palm Springs.В

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Try Desert Glam

Photo byВ LaurenВ MihaeВ Photography

Dreamcatcher, feather, and desert landscape artwork combine for a desert glam invitation suite.В

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Throw It Back to the 70s

Photo byВ Lauren Miles; Invitation byВ Letters & DustВ

Acrylic invitations are taken to new heights when theyВ sparkle with glitter. This disco inspired invitation set puts a modern twist on the 1970s.

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Make It Personal

Photo byВ The Nichols; Invitation byВ Vine Island

We're loving the modern desert vibes in this spunky invitation suite, which get points for a personal touch-the groom, a graphic designer, created them himself.В

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Keep Your Colors Minimal

Photo byВ Jen Huang Photo; Invitation byВ PaperfingerВ В

A black-and-whiteВ color schemeВ marks a botanical print with minimalism.

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Allude to Your Destination

Photo byВ CarmenВ SantorelliВ Photography

Destination wedding? A watercolor map drawing will give your invitations some local color in more ways than one.

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Think Vintage

Photo by NoelВ Perrone; Invitation by ElinsВ Art StudioВ

An invitation suite with a color paletteВ ofВ warm greens, blues, and gold is inspired by the Bethesda Terrace in New York City's Central Park. WatercolorВ splashes,В elegant calligraphy, and parchment paper are reminiscent of a vintage painting.В В

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Incorporate Geodes

Photo byВ Green Antlers Photography

Create an edgy, earthy feel with aВ geode inspired print in vivid turquoise and metallic gilded edges.

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Stick With Simplicity

Photo byВ Eleanor JaneВ Photography;В Illustrations by Miss Magpie Fashion Spy;В Calligraphy byВ NikkiВ WhistonВ Inks

Rustic wedding stationeryВ goes minimalist with a bold type and evergreen artwork.

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Remember Less Is More

Photo by Miss Gen Photography; Invitation byВ

MelanieВ Johnsson


Less is more. Bold and clean, the simplicity of this invitation suite is understatedВ with beauty.

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Play With Shapes

Invitation byВ Swell Press Paper

Invitations can't get much more fun than these. Circular shapes topped with holographic foil on vellum are whimsical and playful.В В